Published On: Sun, Feb 20th, 2011

Science Quiz-Quiz based on Physics

1. If one looks into a mirror and finds the image larger than normal, one conclude that the mirror is
a. Convex
b. Concave

Answer : B

2. Microwave frequency band is

a. 1-100 MHz
b. 100-1000 KHz
d. Above 1000MHz

Answer : D

3.The units of Length, Mass and Time are called

Answer : Fundamental units

4.Fathom is the unit for measuring

Answer : Depth of water

5. The fourth state of matter is

Answer : Plasma

6.Raman effect involves

Answer : Scattering of light

7. A red object, when seen through a thick blue glass, appears

Answer : Black

8.Hydro-Power is the term used for electricity produced through

Answer : Water

9. What is the nature of the item stored in a domestic cooking gas cylinder

a. Gas
b. Semisolid
d. Liquid

Answer : D

10. The heating element of an electric iron is made of

Answer : Nichrome

11. What is the working principle of a transformer

Answer : Electro magnetic induction

12. A capacitor used in electric circuit is to step up

Answer : Electric charge

13. Temperature of water used in hot water bag is in the range

Answer : 120 / 1490 F

14. Photosynthesis is maximum in
a. Green light
b. Blue light
d. Red light

Answer : D

15.The strongest force of nature is
a. Nuclear force
b. Gravitational force
d. Electrostatic force

Answer : B

16. Speed of light in a vacuum is

Answer : 299,792.458 km/sec

17. No current will flow between two charged bodies if they have the same
a. Potential
b. Resistance
d. Charge

Answer : A

18. The fuse wire in the main switch is of
a. Zero rating of current
b. The same rating as that o individual sections
d. A lesser rating than for individual sections

Answer : C

19. Acoustics is the study of

Answer : Sound

20. Rocket engine works on the principle of

: Newton’s third law

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