Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

2 thoughts on “Here are GK today’s questions.

  1. 1. Coin of china ?
    2. Biggest dam in china ?
    Ans:The Three Gorges Dam
    3.Name of the parliament of china ?
    Ans:National People Congress
    4.Which country is known as “western babilon”?
    5.Father of WWW….?
    Ans:Tim Berners-Lee
    6.Father of internet….?
    Ans:Tim Berners-Lee
    7.Father of e-mail….?
    Ans:Ray Tomlinson
    8.Founder of Facebook….?
    Ans:Mark Zuckerberg
    9.father of hindustani music?
    Ans:Amir Khusrau
    10.namethe author of the “drama pattaakki”?
    Ans:Sam Bacile
    11.national flower of jappan?
    Ans:Cherry Blossom(Sakura)
    12..which country is known as “playground of europe”?

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