General knowledge Quiz Contest No.3.lets start posting answers.


1. Who is new title sponsor of IPL?

a) Coca cola b) Pepsi,c) DLF d) Sahara

2. china calls which region as Southern Tibet?

a) Arunachal pradesh b) Sikkim c) Himachal Pradesh d)Meghalaya

3. Who is the new CBI Director?

a)  Ranjit Sinha b)ashok misra c) Manoj guptha d) S K .Mehtha

4. Name the most massive dwarf planet in the solar system?

a) Eris b) iris b) red star d) dwarf 219

5. who wrote the novel “Emma”,the first edition of which was sold for a whopping 200,000 pounds in a london auction?

a) Jane austen b) William Poly d) Agastina chris d) Gerogia Ross

6)Who is the tallest among them?

easy riddle

Suma is shorter than Uma, Neha is taller than Suma. Sudha is taller than Uma but shorter than Hema. Uma is taller than Neha.
Who is the tallest among them?
a) Hema b,Sudha c,Uma

Post your answers as comments below.The winner will get an exciting prize from generalknowledgetoday ‘s  GK Books Shopping Corner .

Also there is a point counting  system .those who achieve 100 points (by participating and answering  in the contest),will get an exciting  gift hamper too .   So let’s start posting answers !!

The correct answers,contest winner’s name along with a new set of quiz questions, will be posted in the next  update  .

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