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1.In which year was Hockey introduced in the Olympic Games?

(a) Paris 1900
(b) Paris 1924
(c) London 1908
(d) London 1940

2. arrange the books with its authors .

a)A Free Man:  e) Ravi Subramanian
b)The Folded Earth:  f) Anuradha Roy
c)The $10 Trillion Prize:  g) Abheek Singhi with Michael J Silverstein, Carol Liao & David Michael
d)The Incredible Banker:   

h) Aman Sethi

the correct order is :

ah , bf, cg, de

ah , bf, cg, df

af , bh, cg, df

ah , bg, cf, df


3. “Razzle dazzle” is _________.

(a) a fancy display
(b) an unusal event
(c) something impossible
(d) none of the above
(a) a fancy display


4.The colour of star is an identification of :
(a) Size
(b) Distance
(c) Weight
(d) Temperature

5.Who will be appointed as chairman of Barclays from 1st November 2012 succeeding Marcus Aguis?

a) David Walker , b) Anand Mahia ,c) Tony Chair ,d) David brown

6. Where was the 15th Confederation of Indian industry insurance summit held?

a) Mumbai,b) Kolkota,c) Chennai,d) Cochin

7.How is Dubbed Gauss known in technology world?

a)A virus capable of spying mobile phone calls
b)A virus capable of spying on financial transactions, email and social networking activities
c)A business magazine
d)A banking  term


Post your answers as comments below.The winner will get an exciting prize from generalknowledgetoday ‘s  GK Books Shopping Corner . (www.gkbooks.generalknowledgetoday .com )

Also there is a point counting  system .those who achieve 100 points (by participating and answering  in the contest),will get an exciting  gift hamper too .   So let’s start posting answers !!

The correct answers,contest winner’s name along with a new set of quiz questions, will be posted tomorrow.

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