Solved Questions based on General knowledge and Current affairs

1. Name of the Egyptian President against whom people of Egypt revolted in 2011:
A. Hosni Mubarak B. Pervez Musharra C. Omar Suleiman D. Ahmed Shafeeque
Answer: A
2. Name the person who commissioned theVallarpadam International Container Transshipment
Terminal A. Vayalar Ravi B. Dr. Man Mohan Singh C. A. K. Antony D. G K Vasan
Answer: B
3. The Malayalam literature who received Jnan pith Award in 2007 :
A. Sugatha Kumari B. Vijayalakshmi C. O.N.V Kurup D. Balachandran Chullikkad
Answer: C
4. In which of the following cities was the Indian Biodiversity Congress(2010) held?
A. Chennai B. Chandigarh C. Mumbai D. Thiruvananthapuram
Answer: D
5. ___sector has established itself as the biggest contributor to the State’s GDP as per
Kerala State’s Economic Review ( February 2011)
A. Secondary Sector B. Primary Sector C. Tertiary Sector D. None of these
6. Name the most significant characteristic of National Integration:
A. Social homogeneity B. Unity C. Economic identity D. National loyalty
7. “The principle of respect for all life and the practice of non-injury to living thing’s is known in India as :
A. Ahimsa B. Tolerance C. Patience D. None of These
Answer: A
8. NCW means :
A. National Commission For Women B. National Commission For Workers
C. National Council For Workers D. None of these
Answer: A
9.The Servants of India Society (1905) was formed to train people to serve the country by
A. Tilak B. Gandhiji C. Raja Ram Mohan Roy D. Gopalakrishna Gokhale
10. Who is popularly called “Vaikkom Hero” ?
A. R. K. Dhadabai B. E V Ramaswami C. C.N. Annadurai D. Mannath Padmanabhan

11. Who founded the Indian National Congress?
A. Motilal Nehru B. A.O. Hume C. Lajpat Rai D. Gokhale
12. Zionisn is a world movement of :
A. Hindus B. Buddhists C. Christians D. Jews
13. Jallianwalla agh is situated in :
A. Delhi B. Mysore C. Amritsar D. Lahore
14. The first war of Indian independendance started at :
A. Mumbai B. Chennai C. Delhi D. Meerut
15. “Life Divine” was written by :
A. Gandhiji B. Tilak C. Vivekananda D. Aurobindo Ghosh
16. Name the “Land of the Morning Calm” :
A. Norway B. Japan C. Korea D. Thailand
17. Sahyadri ranges refer to :
A. Eastern ghats B. Western ghats C. Saptura ranges D. Siwaliks
18. The line beyond which snow never melts is
A. Latitude B. Longitude C. Snow line D. Meridian
19. Gir Forest is in :
A. Karnataka B. Bihar C. Gujarat D. Himachal Pradesh
20. A fountain of hot water issuing from a hole which extends deep into earth’s crust is called :
A. Delta B. Canyon C. Volcano D. Geyser

21. Universal Adult Franchise creates :

A. economic equality B. social equality C. political equality D. cultural equality


22. Who is the guardian of Fundamental rights in India ?
A. Judiciary B. Legislature C. Executive D. Political parties
23 The year in which Panchayati Raj was introduced in India :
A.1960 B.1959 C. 1961 D. 1949
24. Which article of the constitution provides for the formation of the Finance Commission ?
A. Article 300 B. Article 280 C. Article 250 D. Article 290
25. The Gevernor can nominate to the Legislative Council of his state one member from this
community :
A. Jewish B. Muslim C. Anglo-Indian D. Parsi
26. Right to Information Act (RTI) became effective in India on 15th June :
A. 2001 B. 2003 C.2004 D.2005
27. Universal Declaration of human rights was passed by the U.N. General Assembly on :
A. 10.12.1948 B. 13.11.1947 C. 9.12.1948 D. 12.12.1946
28. The proclamation of emergency brings automatic suspension of the right to :
A. Freedom speech B. Constitutional remedies C. Freedom of religion C. All of these
29. The concept of Fundamental right has it’s basis in the :
A. Constitution of the USA B. Constitution of Russia C. Irish Constitution D. Canadian
30. The chairman of the UPSC is appointed by the :
A. Cabinet B. President C. Supreme Court D. Prime Minister

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