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Quiz No 10: GK Questions for Exams

451. Bionics is the study of :

A .Living beings        B. Languages   C. Human behaviour          D. Food items

452. Who create the character of Shylock ?

A. Agatha Christie   B.Connon Doyle   C.Ian Fleming      D.William Shakespeare

453. ‘Echo’ is the effect produced due to :

A. Absorption of sound         B.Dispersion of sound          C. Reflection of sound

D. Refraction of Sound

454. Who issues the one-rupee note ?

A. Reserve Bank of India     B.State Bank of India            C.Union Finanace Secretary D.Union Finance Minister

455. Sofia is capital of  :

A. Botswana      B.Bulgaria              C.Iceland        D. Greenland

456. Which of the following isknown as ‘Life Lines of a Country’ ?

A.Food supplies        B. Rivers and canals C.Good number of hospitals

D.Modern means of transport and communication

457. Epistemology has to do with

A. Beauty         B.Knowledge             C.Rationality            D.Human values

458. ‘Govindsagar lake’ is the reservoir of :

A.Hiraud Dam            B.Mahkund Dam        C. Bhakra Nangal Dam                       D. Mayurakshi Dam

459. The only snake that builds a nest is :

A.Chain Viper            B. King Cobra           C.Krait            D.Rat Snake

460. ‘Windows 97’ is

A. an operating system        B. a news network     C. a world Bank programme

D. a computer language

461. Full convertibility of Rupee means

A. Reserve Bank of India has the full power to fix the rate of conversion of rupee.

B. Rupee is floated in the International market         C. World Bank fixes the rate of conversion                     D.IMF fixes the rate of conversion

463. ‘Ecomark’ is the certificate of a product by the Bureau of Indian Standards testifying that the products is :

A. Economically priced          B. Export quality        C. Environmentally Suited

D. Good quality

464. When a ship passes from a river to sea it :

A. Sink lower             B. Sinks for some time and then rises        C. Rises higher

D. Neither rises nor sinks

464. Who was the first speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly ?

A. R.Sankara Narayanan Thampi               B. D. Damodaran Potti

C. Nafeessathu Beevi               D.R.V Thomas

465. Why does it not hurt when we cut out nails ?

A. nails are not part of our body        B. nails are dead human part        C. nails are having very few blood vessels           D.nervous system is not effected

466. Asudden fall in barometer reading indicates that the weather will be :

A. Cool           B. Very hot        C. Very stomy         D.Very calm

467. The instrument used for recording movements of heart is :

A. Cardiometer         B.Cardiograph          C. Cardiophone        D. Cardiator

468. Who decides the question of disqualification of  a MLA ?

A. Governor of the State         B .President of India           C. Speaker of the Assembly

D.Chief Minister

469. The prime Minister of India is primarily responsible to the :

A. Members of Lok Sabha        B.Speaker  of the Lok Sabha           C.President of India        D.Members of both the Houses

470. Which of the following measures can be consumer adopt to arrest the rising price in India ?

A. Buying less            B.Hoarding more      C.producing less       D.Spending more

471. Though India has a federal form of government its constitution bestows single citizenship for all mainly with a view to

A. promoting national solidarity              B. discouraging multiplicity of political parties

C. increase the power of the central Governmet   D. facilitating the exercise of franchise

472. The ruler who started implementing five year plans in U.S.S.R for the first time :

A. Lenin          B. Trotsky       C.Stalin          D.Gorbechov

473. The states of India deserves their powers from :

A. The president of India        B.The Election Commission of India        C. The Constitution of India              D. Prime Minister of India

474. The author of My music, My Life

A. Yehudi Menuhin       B. K.J Yesudas       C.Emile Zola              D.Ravi Shankar

475. Akbar Nama was written by :

A. D.K. Mankekar       B. Appan Thampuram     C. Abdul Fazal     D.Jaya Deva

476. The author of The Dynasts is

A. Peal S. Buck         B. V.S. Naipal            C.Thomas Hardy       D.E. Spenser

477. The author of Russian Panorama is

A. Leo Tolstoy    B.Thomas Paine    C.Kishen Chander     D. K.P.S Menon

478. The first black woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize

A. Tony Morrison       B.Vinni Mandela        C.Nadeen Godimar     D.KathiSallivan

479. Le Monde is the News Paper of

A.Russia        B.Indonesia                C.Japan         D.France

480. Who was the first bowler to take 200 wickets in one day international cricket ?

A.Ian Botham B. Kapil Dev     C.Imran Khan          D.Richard Hardlee

481. 1987 A.D. is equivalent to __________ in Saka Era :

A. 1408          B. 1909          C. 1164          D.1929

Answer : B. 1909

482. Who wrote the essay on the principles of Population ?

A.Adam Smith           B.Herbert Spencer      C. Malthus      D.Greshan

483.Jerusalem is located in :

A.Syria           B.Israel           C. Lebonon                D.Saudi Arabia

484. The new name of Ceylon is :

A.Thaivan         B. Vienna                 C.Warsaw      D.Sri Lanka

485. Andhra Pradesh was formed in the year :

A. 1956          B. 1954          C. 1950          D. 1965

486. The Red Fort was built by :

A. Akbar         B.Jahangir     C.Shajahan        D.Aurangzeb

Answer : C.Shajahan

487. The term of office of a member of Rajya Sabha :

A. 5 years         B. 4 years       C.6 years        D.7 years

488. The language of Lakshadweep :

A. Tamil             B. Hindi         C. Malayalam          D. Karnataka

489. Goa was liberated in the year

A. 1950          B.1951           C.1961           D.1964

490. The Capital of  Arunachal Pradesh is :

A. Kohima        B. Shillong      C. Itanagar       Bhuttan

491. One mile is equal to :

A.1.05km         B.1.60km        C. 1.06km       D.1.61km

492. Kerala Panineeyam was written by :

A. Raja Kesava Dasan         B. A.R. Raja Raja Varma       C. C.V. Raman Pillai

D. Ulloor

493. Raja Ravi Varma was famous for:

A. Singer        B. Poet           C. Painter         D. Dancer

494. Gobar gas mainly contains :

A. Ethelyne       B. Methane              C.Nitrogen                 D.Oxygen

495. Brass is an alloy of :

A. copper and Zinc         B. Aluminium and copper          C.Copper and tin

D.Zinc and iron

496. AIDS is caused by:

A. Protoza        B.Bacteria           C.Virus                D.Fungus

497. The normal temperature of human body :

A.46oC           B.40oC           C.49oC           D.47oC

498. Soda water contains :

A. Nitrous acid           B.Hydrogen Peroxide           C. Carbon dioxide

D. Formic acid

499. The liquid in which sodium is kept :

A. Kerosene        B. Water        C. Spirit         D.Alcohol

500. The book Aswamedham belong to :

A. Novel            B.Criticism        C.Poetry         D. Drama


451: A. Living beings

452: D.William Shakespeare

453: C. Reflection of sound

454: C.Union Finanace Secretary

455: B.Bulgaria

456: D.Modern means of transport and communication

457: B.Knowledge

458: C. Bhakra Nangal Dam

459: B. King Cobra

460: A. an operating system

461: B. Rupee is floated in the International market

462: C. Environmentally Suited

463: C. Rises higher

464: A.   R.Sankara Narayanan Thampi

465: C. nails are having very few blood vessels

466. C. Very stomy

467: B.Cardiograph

468: C. Speaker of the Assembly

469: A. Members of Lok Sabha

470: A. Buying less

471: A. promoting national solidarity

472: C.Stalin

473: C. The Constitution of India

474: D.Ravi Shankar

475: C. Abdul Fazal

476: C.Thomas Hardy

477: D. K.P.S Menon

478: A. Tony Morrison

479: D.France

480: A.Ian Botham

481: B. 1909

482: C. Malthus

483: B.Israel

484: D.Sri Lanka

485 : B. 1954 B. 1909

486: C.Shajahan

487: C.6 years

488: C. Malayalam

489: C.1961

490: C. Itanagar

491.    D.1.61km

492: B. A.R. Raja Raja Varma

493: C. Painter

494:  B. Methane

495: A. copper and Zinc

496: C.Virus

497: D.47oC

498: C. Carbon dioxide

499: A. Kerosene

500. D.Drama

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