Quiz 9: GK Questions and Answers

401. In which year was Hockey introduced in the Olympic Games :

A. Paris 1900            B. Paris1924             C. London 1908        D. London 1940

402. DIET is the Parliament of :

A. Norway                  B. Japan                     C. Holland      D.West Germany

404. The National Game of India :

A. Hockey      B. Foot ball    C. Tennis        D.Basket ball

405. Time allowed for chanting Jana Gana Mana the National Anthem of India,

A. 1 minute     B. 2 minute     C.52 seconds            D. 55seconds

405. Accumulation of water in tissues is caused by the deficiency of :

A. Vitamin B       B. Vitamin C         C. Vitamin D     D. Vitamin K

406. An organism which transmits disease to a healthy person is known as :

A. Pathogen        B. Plasmin            C. Vector        D.None of these

407. The element with atomic number 20 is :

A.Iron              B.Zinc             C.Calcium                  D.Titanium

408. The  most common synthetic fibre known as artificial silk :

A. Nylon          B. Rayon        C. Polythene              D.Polyster

409An animal which conserves water for a very long time :

A. Rat             B.Kangaroo rat          C. Rhinocerous         D.Cat

410. During the Russian Revolution Bollsheviks were led by :

A. Lenin          B. Karl Marx  C. Mussolini               D. Hitler

411. Atom bomb was dropped in Hiroshima on :

A. February 20,1950  B.August 40,1949     C. August 6,1945    D.April 24,1949

412. A square solid has ________  faces :

A. Four           B.Six               C. Eight          D.Ten

414. The instrument used to detect planes and other objects in the sky :

A. Periscope             B.Radar          C.Telescope              D.None of these

415. Anna Karinina was written by :

A. Tolstoy       B.Wordsworth            C.John Milton D.Charles Dickens

415. Tin  is purified by :

A. Liquation               B. Distillation             C.Electrolysis            D.Reduction

416The British Governor-General who won the title Maker of Modern India

A. William Bentick     B.Dalhousie               C. Rippon       D.Cornwall’s

417. The world’s first artificial satellite :

A.Luna            B.Sputnick           C.Aryabhatta                   D.Explorer

418. Which British Statesman had the nick name ‘The Great Commoner’ ?

A. William Pitt     B.Wintson Churchill       C. Clement Atley   D. William Bentick

419. A Country with a high, per-capita income is a

A. Developed country           B. Developing Country         C.Capitalist Country

D. Socialist Country

420. Right co-exist with _________  in a democratic country

A. Privilege             B.Duties            CNeeds          D.Liberty

421. LoveBug, Mellisa,Code Red,These are names of

A. Terms in Ice ball               B.Computer Viruses             C. Classical Works

D.Contagious Disease

422. The disorder of the eye caused by the image falling in front of the retina :

A. Short sight B.Long sight              C.Squint         D.Astigmatism

424. Water gas is a mixture of

A. Carbon and hydrogen      B. Carbonmonoxide and hydrogen C.Oxygen and Carbon                      D. Carbonmonoxide and Carbon

425. Excessive alcoholic consumption causes :

A. Hepatitis                B. Cirrhosis    C.Jaundice    D.None of these

425.Which amoung the following countries is known as the Land of Thousand Lakes ?

A.Japan          B.South Korea           C.Finland       D.Norway

426. Which among the following is known as the ‘Father of Indian Jounalism’?

A. Kuldip Nayar         B.Ramnath Geonka      C.M.Chalapathi Rao         D.V.V.Giri

427. Who is the author of India Wins Freedom ?

A. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad       B.Larry Collins and Dominique Lepierre

C. Dr.S.Radhakrishnan        D. Sarojini Naidu

428. Who is the author of the book “ Autobiography of An unknown Indian” ?

A. V.S.Naipaul   B.Nirad  C. Chaudhary       C.Salman Rushdie      D.Vikram Seth

429. Which amoung the following libraries has the richest collection of Arabic and Persian Manuscripts and Mughal paintings ?

A.The Khuda Baksh Oriental Public Library          B.The national Library

C. The Rampur Raza Library           D.The Aligarth Muslim University Library

440. Ice Hockey is the National Game of_________

A. Greece      B. Iceland          C. Finland               D.Canada

441. The Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management established in 1984 is located at__________

A.Mumbai         B.Goa          C.Thiruvananthapuram         D.New Delhi

442. The protein of rice grain is of good quality, being rich in _____

A.Lysine         B.Glutamine         C.Gliadin              D.Thiamine

443. Which of the following chemicals is used in the making of photographic films ?

A. Sodium chloride       B.Aluminium hydroxide         C. Silver bromide   D.None of these

444. Galvanized iron is coated with a thin coating of :

A.Copper          B. Tin           C. Zink            D. Aluminium

445. The study of fossils is known as :

A. Paleantology         B. Petrology               C.Seismology            D.Bathymetry

446. Red blood corpuscles (RBC) are formed in the :

A. Liver           B. Heart          C.Spleens      D.Bone marrow

447. Vitamin necessary to prevent prolonged bleeding

A. Vitamin A      B. Vitamin D          C. Vitamin K    D. Vitamin E

448. Jatya Sangsad is the Parliament  of

A. Bangladesh           B. Pakistan    C.Burma         D.Bhutan

449. The organ which purifry blood and supply oxygen to it

A. River          B.Kidney        C.Heart           D.Lungs

440. The main function of the white blood corpuscles in the body is :

A. to carry food          B. to carry oxygen     C.to help in the cloting

D.to protect the body against disease

441. The radiant energy  of the sun results from :

A. Cosmic radiation      B. Nuclear fusion       C. Nuclear fission      D.Comustion

442. Who wrote the book  A Passage to India ?

A. Victor Banergee   B.E.M Forster            C.Minoo Masani        D.Amrita Pritam

443. The Last Supper of famous Renaissance painting was a masterpiece of :

A. Michelangelo        B. Leonardo da Vinci           C.Titan            D.Raphael

444. Which among the following is the closest to the equator :

A. Kanyakumari         B.Thiruvananthapuram         C.Tuticorin     D.Great Nicobar Island

445. The earth revolves  round the sun. This causes :

A. formation of day and night           B. deflection of winds and currents

C. change of seasons          D. difference in climate

446. Between which places does the train Himasagar Express run ?

A. Ernakulam and Madurai              B.Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram

C. Jammu Tavi and Kanyakumari               D.None of these

447. Freud is associated with :

A. Leprosy control       B.Detective  work       C.Politics       D.Psychology

448. In which Shakespearian drama is Desdemona a character ?

A. Hamlet       B.Merchant of Venice           C.Othello        D.As you like It

449. Ecology is the branch of Science which deals with

A. Cell formation       B.the study of the universe               C. balance of nature

D. the structure of the human body

450. The nation emerged as a result of Zionistic Movement after the Second World war is :

A. Israel          B. Lativa         C. Kazakhistan          D. Namibia


401: C. London 1908

402: B. Japan

404: A. Hockey

403: C.52 seconds

405: A. Vitamin B

406: C. Vector

407: C.Calcium

408 : B. Rayon

409: B.Kangaroo rat

410 : A. Lenin

411: C. August 6,1945

412: B.Six

413: B.Radar

414: A. Tolstoy

415: A. Liquation

416: B.Dalhousie

417: B.Sputnick

418: A. William Pitt

419: A. Developed country

420: B.Duties

421: B.Computer Viruses

422: A. Short sight

423: B. Carbonmonoxide and hydrogen

424: B. Cirrhosis

425: C.Finland

426: C.M.Chalapathi Rao

427: A.Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

428: B.Nirad  C. Chaudhary

429: D.The Aligarth Muslim University Library

440: D.Canada

441: D.New Delhi

442: D.Thiamine

443: C. Silver bromide

444: C. Zink

445: A. Paleantology

446: D.Bone marrow

447: C. Vitamin K

448: A. Bangladesh

449: D.Lungs

440: D.to protect the body against disease

441: B. Nuclear fusion

442: B.E.M Forster

443: B.Leonardo da Vinci

444: D.Great Nicobar Island

445: C.change of seasons

446: C. Jammu Tavi and Kanyakumari

447: D.Psychology

448: C.Othello

449: C. balance of nature

450: A. Israel

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