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Quiz 8: GK Questions from Previous Question Papers

351.The period of the Tenth Five Year Plan Is

A.1995 -2000          B.2000-2005        C.2001-2006        D.2002-2003

352. Who founded the I.N.A.?

A. BalGangadharaTilak      B. Subhash Chandra Bose              C. Bhagat Singh

D.Chandra Sekhar Azad

353.  Hirakud Dam is built on the river:

A. Narmada B. Sutlej          C.Tapti        D. Mahanadi

354. During sleep:

A. Pulse rate is increased  B. blood pressure is reduced

C. blood pressure is increased                 D.None of the above

355. Beirut is the capital of

A. Lebanon                   B. Libya      C. Poland     D. Portugal

356. The disease bronchitis is associated with :A. lungs     B. liver                  C. kidney       D. heart

357. An atom whose nucleus is unstable undergoes change by throwing

dectromagnetic  energy  and:

A.electrical particles B. magnetism               C. light                        D.heat

358.Which practice was in existence during the  Rig Vedic period ?

A. Polyandry              B. Polygamy           C. Bigamy           D. Monogamy

359. The port city of the Indus Valley people was:

A. Mohenjo – daro     B.   Khalibangan   C. Lothal         D. Harappa

360.Vasco da Gama landed in India at:

A. Cochin            B. Madras        C. Bombay     D. Calicut

361. Jute is grown on large scale in the delta of:

A. Indus             B. Damodar                   C. Satlej               D. Ganger

362. Who among the following Delhi Sultans was criticised as a mixture of


A. Firoz ShahTughlaq      B. Balban      C. Muhammad Bin Tughlak

D. Jalaluddin Khilji

363.Which one of the following is an. Artificial harbour ?

A. Cochin    B. Kandla         C.Madras    D.Calcutta

364. Kerala’s Share in the coconut production is ………….% in the country :

A.  41             B. 51                C. 61               D.31

365. Atomic power is obtained from:         .
A. Uranium               B. Platinum        C.Iron          D. Silver

366. Bombay was taken by the English East India Company   from :

A. Charles I       B.The Dutch            C. The Portuguese    D. Charles II

367. Which of the following Ls not presently obtained  from the sea in large amounts ?

A . Bromine     B. Gold      C.Salt         D.Magnesium

368. De Vries was a:
A.Italian botanist          B. Dutch botanist    C. English botanist   D.French botanist

369. Pedagogy is the science of:

A . human body         B. glands        C. teaching           D.  insects

370. The longest Railwayline is :

A . Canadian-Pacific Railway          B. Indian Railway       C. London Railway

D. Trans-Siberian Railway

371. Cofee powder is processed from its

A.  Fruits           B.  Flowers        C. Leaves         D. Branches

372. The Capital of Cuba is:
A . Warsaw                B. Lagos        C. Havana        D. Addis Ababa

373. Pookkode lake is situated in ……….district of Kerala

A. Wayanad               B.Ernakulam              C. Thrissur       D. Kozhikkodu

374. The currency of Burma is:

A.   Kyat          B. Rupee          C.Leva          D.Taka

375. The renowned sea side resort in South Kerala

A. Ashtamudi             B. Vizhinjam               C. Kovalam                D. Kanyakumary

376. Silent Valley National park is situated in………..district

A. Palakkadu        B. Idukki         C. Wayanadu        D. Kasaragod

377. Which one of the following is the most effective means of


A. water      B. plants         C. air               D. carbon dioxide

378. A disease that may be inherited is :

A. trichinosis  B. pellagra     C. malaria   D. hemophilia

379. A substance that can be synthesised by green plants but not by animals is:

A. carbon dioxide      B.uric acid      C. protein       D. cellulose

380. The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on

A. June 5                   B. April 4           C. September5      D. October 16

381.The famous Meenakshi temple is situated in:

A. Ujjain             B. Madurai              C. Mahabalipuram                D. Bhuvaneswar

382. The disease “Mumps” spreads towards:

A. skull    B. chin and neck            C. neck and under the jaw    D. arm – pi     t

383. How many players form a Water Polo team ?

A. 3                        B. 5                  C. 8                 D.6

384. Kaziranga sanctuary is famous for which of the following animals/birds ?

A.Tigers             B. One horned Indian Rhinos         C. Wild Elephants     D. Ducks

385.The branch of science dealing with the better­ment of living conditions is called?

A.ethnology B. euthenies  C. eugenies     D. none of the above

386. A rocket going straight up with less than es­cape velocity will:

A. become a satellite of the earth               B. become a moon satellite

C.  never reach the earth                  D. fall back to the earth

387. All cereals belong to the family ?

A. Gramineae            B. Umbelliferae     C. Leguminosae   D. Cruciferae

388. Another element having a long-life which can be used for radioactive dating of

rocks is:

A. protactinium – 234    B. carbon -14    C. strontium-83 D. thorium-234

389. Water that is available to the plants and readily  absorbed is :

A. hydroscopic water  B. run – away water  C.rain water D. capillary water

390. Sweetness of sound depends upon :
A. periodicity and regularity B. velocity    C. frequency         D. amplitude

391. Which of the following is the richest source of carbohydrates ?

A. maize     B. wheat     C. barley     D.rice

392. Magnetic field is measured by:

A. arometer          B. fluxmeter               C. thermopile D. pyrometer

393. Who is the author of the book ” Mein Kamf’ ?

A.  Winston Churchill            B. Einstein     C. Adolf Hitler                 D. Mussolini

394. Sundarbans is a good example of:

A.Mangrove forests       B. Scrub forests            C. Evergreen forests

D. Monsoon forests

395. Which one of the following countries was the centre of activities of the I.N.A. ?

A. Burma        B. Tibet       C. Singapore          D. Ceylon

396. The practice of ‘Sati’ was abolished by:

A. LordCornwallis B. Lord Dalhousie    C. Lord Curson          D. Lord William Bentinck

397. Annie Besant was a/an:
A. Spanish lady              B. Irish lady    C. British lady            D. French lady

398. Which one of the following disease is sex – linked ?

A.cancer     B. diabetes   C. colour blindness         D. night blindness

399. The condition which causes the eye -. ball to become slightly too long is known


A.corneal ulcer     B. myopia      C. cornea       D. inflammation of the sclera

400. The Black Pagoda is in :

A. Arunachal Pradesh    B. Madhya Pradesh   C. Bihar D.Orissa


351. B.2000-2005

352. B. Subhash Chandra Bose

353. D. Mahanadi

354. B. blood pressure is reduced

355. A. Lebanon

356. A. lungs

357. A.electrical particles

358. D. Monogamy

359. D. Monogamy

360. D. Calicut

361. B. Damodar

362. C. Muhammad Bin

363. C.Madras

364. A.  41

365. A. Uranium

366. D. Charles II

368. B. Gold

368. A.Italian botanist

369. C. teaching

330. D. Trans-Siberian Railway

331. A.  Fruits

332. C. Havana

333. A. Wayanad

334. A.   Kyat

335. C. Kovalam

336. A. Palakkadu

337. A. water

338. D. hemophilia

339. D. cellulose

380. A. June 5

381. B. Madurai

382. C. neck and under the jaw

383. A. 3

384. B. One horned Indian Rhinos

385. B. euthenies

386. D. fall back to the earth

387. A. Gramineae

388. C. strontium-83

389. D. capillary water

390. A. periodicity and regularity

391. D.rice

392. B. fluxmeter

393. C. Adolf Hitler

394. A.Mangrove forests

395. C. Singapore

396. D. Lord William Bentinck

397. B. Irish lady

398. C. colour blindness

399. D. inflammation of the sclera

400. D.Orissa

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