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Quiz 7: Objective GK from Previous Question Papers

301.A disease which spreads out over a large area
is considered to be:

A.   Sporadic         B. Periodic              C.   Endemic         D. Epidemic

302.       The Ramakrishna Mission was founded by:

A.  Nanda Kumar          B.  Vivekananda               C.  Raja Ram Mohan Roy

D. Mahavira

303.Kathakali is a classical dance style of:

A. Uttar Pradesh       B. Orissa      C.Andra Pradesh             D. Kerala

304. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is located in:

A.Thiruvanamhapuram         B. Dehra Dun      C. Banglore          D.Gujarat

305. The book Das Capital was written by:

A. Karl Marx     B. Hegel       C.Vladimir Lenin       D.  Frederick Angles

306. Which Indian sportsman was known through­ out the world as “Wizard” ?

A. Wetson Jones   B.Dhyan Chand                    C.Sunil Gavaskar D. Prakash Padukone

307.Mahabalipuram temples were built by the kings of …….dynasty :

A. Pallava   B. Kushan      C. Chola         D. Gupta

308.Even if I die, in the service of nation, I would be proud of it; every drop of my

blood, I am sure, will contribute to the growth of this na­tion, and to make it strong

and dynamic. Who uttered these words ?

A. Mahatma Gandhi      B. Subhash Chandra Bose         C. Lai

Bahadur Shastri        D. Indira Gandhi

309.Ramesh Krishnan is the name associated with the game of:

A. Badminton    B. Lawn Tennis      C. Cricket   D. Water Polo

310.The teeth used by a man for biting are called :

A. molass    B. Incisors      C.  premolars         D. canines

311. Khan Abdul Gafar Khan was more popularly known as:

A. Frontier Gandhi    B.Lion of Punjab        C. Pakistan’s Gandhi

D. Ljon of Kashmir

312.Rang.aswamy cup is the highest team prize in India for:

A   Table Tennis        B. Football     C.Cricket        D. Hockey

313. A dynamo which is used in bicycles is a device which converts:

A. Potential energy into light            B. Light into electrical energy

C. Mechanical energy into electrical energy          D. Solar energy into electrical energy

314. Who is the custodian of the Fundamental Rights embodied in the Indian


A . State Assemblies   B. Prime Minister   C. President of India   D. Supreme court of India

315.Cell membranes consists chiefly of:

A.   protein and carbohydrates          B. carbohydrates and lipids

C. protein and lipids   D.carbohydrates and nuclic acid

316.India’s first underground rail line is at:

A. Chennai        B. Kolkata               C. Ahmedabad          D.Mumbai

317.In which State is.Koyna hydro-electric project situated ?

A. Karnataka        B. Madhya Pradesh              C.Gujarat        D.Maharashtra

318. In which state is the famous Sun Temple of Konark located ?

A. Bihar      B. Orissa    C. Andra Pradesh          D. Madhya Pradesh

319. The Indian city inaugurated February 1931

A. New Delhi B. Mumbai        C. Kolkata                   D. Chandigarh

320. The unit to measure electric current is ?

A.Ampere     B. Watt        C. volt          D.Horse Power

321.Who invented the safety Lamp?

A. Caxton                  B.Futton        C.Humphrey Davy    D. J.E. Landstrom

322.Who wrote the National Anthem of India ?

A. B.K. Chatterjee                   B. AbulFazal     C. K. M. Munshi      D. Rabindranath


323.Who composed “Vande Mataram”?

A.   K. M. Munshi      B.  Bankim Chandra Chatterjee      C.  Rabindranath

Tagore            D.  Abul Fazal

324. INSAT is a:

A.  new township being developed near Delhi     B.  hydro-electric project    C.satellite                     D. aircraft

325. Name the nationaf animal of India:

A. Tiger          B.  Leopard                C.   Lion          D.Elephant

326. Name the person who demarcated the India – Pakistan boundary ?

A.  LordWavell          B. Winston Churchill C. Lord Mountbatten

D . Radcliff

327.Name the first woman Prime Minister of the world ?

A.  Mrs. Sirimao Bandaranaike       B. Mrs. Goldameir   C. Mrs. Thatcher

D. Mrs. Indira Gandhi

328.Who started the Quit India Movement:

A.  Dadbhai Naoroji   B. Mahatma Gandhi    C.C.R.Das        D. Jawaharlal Nehru

329.The Alamatti dam is on the river :

A.   Godavari       B. Cauvery     C. Krishna         D.  Mahanadi

330. Devices that are used to control current, say for dimming theatre lights, are

Called ?

A. transformers   B.   wattmeters         C. transistors D.  choke coils

331.The chemical digestion of which nutrient begins in the stomach ?

A. Protein     B. starch       C. sugar                  D. fat

332. If red blood cells are placed in distilled water, they will eventually be destroyed. Which pro­cess is most likely to be the chief cause of their destruction ?

A.  Plasmolysis          B.Osmosis    C.Hydrolysis       D.Dehydration synthesies

333. Transpirational  pull and capillary action are important in the movement


materials in the:

A. Cambium    B. Phloem   C. Lenticel   D. Xylem

334.The Hathigumpha inscription describes the achievements of:

A. Pulakesinll       B. Asoka     C. Kharavela        D. Harsha

335. Mahayana form of Budhism emerged during the reign of:

A. Samudra Gupta   B. Asoka    C.Harsha     D. Kanishka

336. The Khilafat  movement  was  started  by:

A.  Fakhruddin AH Ahmed      B.  Ali Brothers    C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah

D. Dr. ZakirHussain

337.Who is known as the father of local self gov­ernment in India ?

A. Rippon    B. Amherst           C. Wellesley         D. Cornwallis

338. Alexander defeated Porus in 326 B.C. at the battle of:

A. Thaneswar       B. Hydaspes    C. Peshwar   D.Terrain

339. Who united all the Sikhs and founded a king­dom in the Punjab:

A Guru Gofeind Singh          B.Guru Taj Bahadur         C. Guru Nanak

D. Maharaja Ranjith Singh

340. The High Court in India were first started;
A. Delhi and Calcutta          B. Bombay, Delhi and Madras        C.  Bombay, Madras and Calcutta  D.  Madrass and Bombay

341. The Ashtapradhan was the council of minis­ters during the reign of:

A. Tipu Sultan       B. Krishnadeva Raya            C. Shivaji        D. Akbar

342. The first Muslim invader of India was:

A. Muhammad Bin Kasim      B. Babar     C.MahmudofGhazni     D.Muhammad of Ghori

343. The Suez Canal was nationalised by:

A. Gamal Abdul Nasser     B. Sadat       C. King Farock    D.Mohammed Naguib

344. The nearest planet to the sun is:

A. Mars           B. Venus        C. Mercury                 D. Saturn

345. “Hinterland” means:

A. Delta area    B.Mountaneous area   C. Coastal area    D.  Land area served

by a  port

346. Borlaug Awards are given for the best contribution in the field of

A. Agricultural Science         B.  Nuclear Physics      C.Chemical Engineering

D. Biological Sciences

347. Who is the Supreme Commander of  the Armed Forces of India?

A. Prime Minister of India       B. Chief of Army Staff         C. President of India

D. Defence Minister

348. The television apparatus was invented by:
A. Humphrey Davy  B.  Swinton        C. J.L. Baird           D. Otis

349. Haldia near Calcutta is famous for :
A. Thermal power         B. Cables         C. Steel Plant       D. Oil Refinery

350. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain dur­ing the first world war ?

A. Ferdinand       B. Woodrow Wilson   C. Lloyd George   D. Winston Churchill


301. D. Epidemic

302. B.  Vivekananda

303. D. Kerala

304. A.Thiruvanamhapuram

305. A. Karl Marx
306. B.Dhyan Chand

307. A. Pallava

308. D. Indira Gandhi

309. B. Lawn Tennis

310. B. Incisors

311. A. Frontier Gandhi

312. D. Hockey

313. C. Mechanical energy into electrical energy

314. D. Supreme court of India

315. C. protein and lipids

316. B. Kolkata

317. D.Maharashtra

318. B. Orissa

319. A. New Delhi

320. A. New Delhi

321. C.Humphrey Davy

322. D. Rabindranath  Tagore

323. B.  Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

324. C.satellite

325. A. Tiger

326. D . Radcliff

327. A.  Mrs. Sirimao Bandaranaike

328. B. Mahatma Gandhi

329. C. Krishna

330. D.  choke coils

331. A. Protein

332. B.Osmosis

333. D. Xylem

334. C. Kharavela

335. D. Kanishka

336.   B.  Ali Brothers

337. A. Rippon

338. B. Hydaspes

339. D. Maharaja Ranjith Singh

340. C.  Bombay, Madras and Calcutta

341. C. Shivaji

342. A. Muhammad Bin Kasim

343. A. Gamal Abdul Nasser

344. C. Mercury

345. D.  Land area served by a


346. A. Agricultural Science

347. C. President of India

348. C. J.L. Baird

349. D. Oil Refinery

350. C. Lloyd George

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