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Quiz 6: Objective GK Answers

251.’Extremist’ party within the Congress was pioneered by

A. Gopala Krishna Gokhale B. BalaGangadharaThilak

C. Lala Lajpat Rai                 D. Bipin Chandra Pal
252.      Y – rays are:

A. affected by magnetic field           B. neutral        C. negatively charged D. positively charged

253.The adrenal gland is located next to the:
A. kidney          B. neck        C. brain     D. bladder

254. ‘Panna’ which is famous for diamond mines is located in:

A. Rajasthan        B. Maharashtra        C. Madhya Pradesh          D. Bihar

255.Which Union Territory is the first to achieve complete literacy ?

A. Pondicherry            B. Chandigarh     C. Goa, Daman and Diu      D.  Delhi

256.Pandit Ravi SankarLs a famous player of which of the following musical

instruments ?

A.Tabla       B. Shehnai     C.Flute        D. Sitar

257.Renaissance first started in :

A   France    B. Portugal              C.Italy         D. Germany

258.The ‘Last Supper’, a famous Renaissance Painting, was a master piece of:

A. Leonardo Da Vinci     B. Michael Angelo      C.Raphael           D.Titan

259. The drug chloromycetin is used for which dis­ease ?

A. Heart attack          B. Dysentery   C. T.B.   D.Typhoid

260. When bread is toasted much of the starch is changed to:

A. maltore        B.dextrin   C.dextrose   D.maltase

261.  Which is most suitable for storing concentrated sulphuric acid ?

A.earthen vessel    B.copper vessel    C. aluminium vessel vessel

262.Magnesium is used in flares and fireworks because it burns with a brilliant: light light         C.white light       D.yellow light

263.The total number of villages in Kerala:

A.1092           B.1152           C.1352           D.1452

264.In which Sports item Govind Perumal repre­sented India in 1952 and 1952


A.Football      B.Hockey                    C. Cricket         D.Tennis

265.Nuclear fission was experimentally observed by:

A. Fermi         B. Rutherford             C.Plank          D.Hahn and Strassmann

266.Who won Bharat award at the age of 80

A. Premji          B. BalanK.Nair      C. P. J. Antony        D.Madhavan

267.In 1853, the first Railway started in India between ?

A. Bombay – Surat        B. Bombay – Pune            C. Bombay – Thane D. none of these

268. The Golden Temple in Amritsar is famous for which religion ?

A. Sikhs        B. Buddhists          C. Muslims     D. Hindus

269 .Who amongst the following is the author of Ancient Promises – a

Much discussed novel:

A. Salman Rushdie      B.VikramSeth    C.Anita Nair   D. Sonia Gandhi Answer: 9 c. Anita Nair

270. Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded the:

A.   AryaSamaj          B. Brahma Samaj     C. Ramakrishna Mission C.None of these

271.Arthasastra relates to:

A.Polity      B. Public Relations   C. Economics       D. Law

272.Goa was liberated from the Portuguese in the year ?          ,

A.1921           B.1947           C.1920           D. None of these

273.Which of the following countries is not a member of SAARC ?

A. Pakisthan   B. Afghanistan      C. Nepal                D.Bhutan

274.”Dribble” is related to which game ?

A. Cricket     B.Tennis     C.Football          D. Volleyball

275. “Dalai Street’1 relates to:

A. Market in Central Delhi      B. Stock Exchange Market in Bombay

C. Business Centre in Calcutta         D.Textile market in Bombay

276.Respiration in plants takes place:

A.   both day and night     B. only at night    C. only during the day

D. only in the presence of carbon dioxide

277. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and :

A.   nickel only            B. chromium and tungsten   C.chromium and nickel

D. chromium only

278.Most of the known elements are:

A   metals     B. rare earth elements       C.non-metals        D.metalloids

279.Muffle furnace is used in the metallurgy of:

A. lead           B. copper    C. Zinc        O  D. tin

280.The greatest amount of variation is most likely to be found among members if a

species that reproduce by:

A.regeneration          B. fertilisation       C.badding       D.fission

281.Which is a better nitrogenous fertiliser ?

A.Urea            B. Calcium nitrate     C. Ammonium Sulphate    D. Ammonium Nitrate

282. Bolometer measures:

A. thermoe.m.f.          B. specific heat    C.heat radiations   D. thermal conductivity

283. Which is a product of plant respiration?

A   Sugar        B.Starch        C.Carbon dioxide      D. Oxygen

284.During the process of photosynthesis, the oxy­gen released as a byproduct is

derived from the breakdown of molecules of:

A   water           B. glucose      C. chlorophyll           D.carbon dioxide

285.Where is the Defence Services Staff College situated:

A.   Dehradun            B. Khadakvasla           C.New Delhi            D. Wellington

286.Who was the last Governor General of India?

A . William Bentinck     B. C. Rajagopalachari       C. Louis Mountbatten

D. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

287.Shivaji was born in

A.1272             B.1572           C.1227           D.1727

288.Nasik is situated on the banks of the river:
A. Brahmaputra       B. Gomti     C. Mahanadi              D. Godavari

289.Who invented the computer ?
A.Charles Babbage        B. Bushwell       C.Funk      D. Hideki Ykaeva

290.Which of the following Dams is built on river         Beas?

A. Rihand         B. Hirakkud          C. Bhakra D.  Pong Dam

291. Who is called the ‘Nightingale of India’ ?

A. Begum Akhtar    B. Sarojini Naidu    C. Lata Mangeshkar D. Asha Bhosle

292.In which year was the Indo-China war fought ?

A.1922             B. 1925                C. 1947                D.1955

293.First Indian State to use electronic Voting Machine for its entire voting process?

A.Tamilnadu           B.Karnataka        C. Goa          D. Kerala

294. The Jnanpith award was introduced in the year :

A.1928        B.1927            C.1952       D.1925

295. Tulsidas lived during the reign of:

A.  Aurangzeb            B. Humayun   C. Shah Jehan           D. Jehangir

296. Which type of molecular movement requires the expenditure of cellular energy ? transport      B . osmosis          C.diffusion       D. passive transport

297.Defect of hypermetropia can be remedied by  the use of:

A    bifocal length lens            B. cylindrical lens     C. concave lens     D.  convex lens

298. An example of chemical change is:

A . rusting of iron     B. melting of wax    C. boiling of water       D. dissolving lumps of

sugar in water

299. OPEC stands for:

A. Oil and petroleum exporting corporations      B. Oil and petroleum exporting countries

C.  Organisation of pertroleum exporting countries           D. Organisation of pertroleum exportingcompanies

300. Arthashastra was written by:
A. Harsha Vardhana                 B. Kautilya        C. Manu        D. Panini


251. B. BalaGangadharaThilak

252. B. neutral

253. A. kidney

254. C. Madhya Pradesh

255. A. Pondicherry

256. D. Sitar

257. C.Italy

258. A. Leonardo Da Vinci

259. D.Typhoid

260. B.dextrin

261. vessel

262. C.white light

263. D.1452

264. B.Hockey

265. D.Hahn and Strassmann

266. A. Premji

267. C. Bombay – Thane

268. A. Sikhs

269. C.Anita Nair

270. B. Brahma Samaj

271. A.Polity

272. A.1921

273. B. Afghanistan

274. C.Football

275. D.Textile market in Bombay

276. A.   both day and night

277. C.chromium and nickel

278. D.metalloids

279. C. Zinc

280. B. fertilisation

281. A.Urea

282. C.heat radiations

283.  C.Carbon dioxide

284.  A   water

285. D. Wellington

286. B. C. Rajagopalachari

287. C.1227

288. D. Godavari

289. A.Charles Babbage

290. D.  Pong Dam

291. B. Sarojini Naidu

292. A.1922

293. C. Goa

294. D.1925

295. D. Jehangir

296. transport

297. D.  convex lens

298. A . rusting of iron

299. C.  Organisation of pertroleum exporting countries

300. B. Kautilya(Aloso known as ‘Chanakya’)

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