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GK Quiz No 13:General Knowledge Quiz

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551. The world’s oldest cinema competition

A.Venice film Festivel B.National film Festivel C.Cannes film Festivel

D. Paris film Festivel

552.V.K.Krishna Menon was born in the year

A. 1886 B. 1896 C.1869 D.1895

553. The venue of the 9th SAARC summit;

A.Pakistan B.Bangladesh C. Maldives D. India

554. The term breaststroke is associated with :

A. Kabadi B. Boxing C. Swimming D. Wresting

555. The year 1996 was declared as the SAARC year of :

A. Poverty Eradication B. Literacy C.Women’s Education D.Child Welfare

556. What is the present name of Southern Rhodesia ?

A.Zimbabwe B.Zambia CThailand D.Taiwan

557. What is the sobriquet for Palestine ?

A. Pin City B. Hermit Kingdom C. Holy Land D. Land of Midnight sun

558. Tass is the Central information Agency of :

A.Iran B.USA C. France D.USSR

559. My truth is written by :

A. Indira Gandhi B. Mahathma Gandhi C. R.K .Narayan D.Abdul Kalam Azad

560. Who Said ‘At the stroke of midnight , when the world sleep, India will awake to life and freedom’ :

A. Lord Mount Batten B.Mahathma Gandhi C. Jawaharlal Nehru

D. Rajagopalachari

561.The famous Hindu pilgrim centre Amarnath is in :

A.Andra Pradesh B.Madhya Pradesh C.Jammu-Kashmir

D.Uttar Pradesh

562. Who was the first man to reach the north pole ?

A.Ottoman B. Salim Ahmmed Salim C. Robert Peary D.Tenzing

563. The aim of White Revolution is to increase the production of :

A. Fish B. Orchids C. Paddy D.Milk

564. The capital of Egypt is

A.Cairo B.Tokyo C.Berlin D.Paris

565. How many Assembly Constituencies are there in Kerala ?

A. 20 B. 151 C. 150 D. 150

566. Taj Mahal is situated at :

A.Mumbai B. Delhi C Agra D.Simla

567. Which is the smallest continent ?

A.Asia B.Europe C.Africe D.Australia

568. Japanese Encephalities is spread by :

A. Rat flea B.Mosquito C. House fly D.Bed bug

569.Which writer is known as Uroob ?

A. K.E.Mathai B.Kuttikrishna Marar C.P.C Kuttikrishnan D.M.K Menon

570. Who first demanded a separate state of Pakistan ?

A. Agakhan B.Muhammed Ali Jinnah C. Khan Abdul Gafferkhan D. Abdul Kalam Azad

571. Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy by :

A. motor B. bulb C. an electric bell D.dynamo

572. What colour do you get when you mix red and yellow ?

A. Green B. Violet C.Blue D. Orange

573. Meenambakkam airport is at :

A. Culcutta B.Chennai C.Mumbai D.Simla

574. The theory of solar system was put forward by

A. Copernicus B. Galileo C. Newton D. Kepler

575. With which instrument the people of a submarine can see the objects on the surface of the sea without coming up ?

A. Microscope B. Periscope C. Electroscope D. Telescope

576. Which is the official language of India ?

A. England B.Hindi C.Sanskrit D.Malayalam

577. In which year golden jubilee is celebrated ?

A.25 B. 60 C.100 D.50

578.What is the old name of Thailand ?

A.Burma B.Sayam C. Malasia D.Ceylon

579. The war at Plasi was in the year ?

A. 1785 B. 1765 C.1761 D. 1757

580. The heighst literate State of India :

A. Bihar B.Kerala C.Jammu Kashmir D.Maharashtra

581. The state which was known as Kalinga in ancient ages

A. Bihar B. Punjab C. Orissa D.Sikkim

582. The smallest union territory in India :

A. Delhi B. Lakshadweep C. Pondicherry D. Daman and Diue

583. The Best natural Harbour on the west cost of Kerala :

A. Kochi B. Alleppey C.Neendakara D.Kozhikkode

584. Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair is famous in :

A. Ottan Thullal B. Kathakali C.Bharathanatyam D.Chakyar Koothu

585.Regional language of Karnataka :

A. Malayalam B. Urdu C. Kannada D.Telungu

586. Good Friday is celebrated by Christians :

A. to comemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ B.To comemorate the birthday of Jesus C.On this day Jesus Christ was crucified D.None of these

587. Thekkady is a :

A.Wild life sanctuary B. Children’s park C. Research centre D. None of these

588. Liquid with highest density :

A. Petrol B. Kerosene C. Mercury D. Milk

589. Like poles of two magnets :

A. repel B.attract C. rise D.rise and falls

590. Pork should be cooked well before being eaten to prevent the attack of the worm :

A. Tape worm B. Round worm C. Thread worm D. Hook worm

591. The rupee coin is an alloy of :

A. Copper and tin B. Nickel and copper C.Lead and tin D.Copper and zinc

592. The study of life in outer space is known as

A. endobiology B.exobiology C.emterobiology D.neobiology

593. Minimum age for exercising franchise

A. 18 B. 22 C. 25 D.17

594. The famous work of Vedavyasa :

A. Ramayanam B.Mahabharatham C. Pancha Thanthram

D. Ramacharithamanasam

595. Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple is situated in :

A.Varkala B.Guruvayoor C.Padmanabhapuram D. Thiruvananthapuram

596. “Kerala is a lunatic asylum “ who said this ?

A. Tagore B.Swami Vivekananda C. Sree Narayana Guru

D.Agamananda Swamigal

597. ‘Vanchipattu’ is associated with :

A. Vallathol B.Ramapurathu Warrier C.K.C . Kesava Pillai D.Irayimman Thampi

598. The biggest city in India :

A. Chennai B. Mumbai C. Calcutta D. Delhi

599. Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai is :

A. an artist B. a novelist C. a poet D. a scientist

600. Secularism envisages:

A. No religion B.A Particular religion for a state C.Hinduism D.Equal status for all religion


551. A.Venice film Festival

552. B. 1896

553. C. Maldives

554. C. Swimming

555. B. Literacy

556. A.Zimbabwe

557. C. Holy Land

558. D.USSR

559. A.Indira Gandhi

560. C. Jawaharlal Nehru

561. C.Jammu-Kashmir

562. C. Robert Peary

563. D.Milk

564. A.Cairo

565. D. 150

566. C Agra

567. D.Australia

568. A. Rat flea

569. C.P.C Kuttikrishnan

570. B.Muhammed Ali Jinnah

571. D.dynamo

572. D. Orange

573. B.Chennai

574. A. Copernicus

575. B. Periscope

576. B.Hindi

577. D.50

578. B.Sayam

579. D. 1757

580. B.Kerala

581. C. Orissa

582. B. Lakshadweep

583. A. Kochi

584. B. Kathakali

585. C. Kannada

586. C.On this day Jesus Christ was crucified

587. A.Wild life sanctuary

588. C. Mercury

589. A. repel

590. A. Tape worm

591. B. Nickel and copper

592. B.exobiology

593. A. 18

594. B.Mahabharatham

595. D. Thiruvananthapuram

596. B.Swami Vivekananda

597. B.Ramapurathu Warrier

598. B. Mumbai

599. B. a novelist

600. D.Equal status for all religion

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