GK Quiz No 12:General Knowledge Quiz-WiZiQ

501. The first Malayalam talkie

A. Harichandra          B. Snehaseema        C.Neelakkuyil            D.Balan

502.The centre of ancient learning is :

A. Ujjain          B.Pataliputra              C.Taxila          D.Vijayanagara

503. Kundara Proclamation is associated with :

A.Velu Thampi Dalawa        B. Sri.Moolam Thirunal         C.Raja Kesava Dasan

D.Pazassi Raja

504. The largest district in Kerala

A.Idukki          B. Palakkad         C.Alappuzha           D.Wayanad

505. The ‘Servants of India Society’ was founded by :

A.Gopalakrishna Gokhale       B.Subhash Chandra Bose            C.Raja Ram Mohan Roy        D.Lala Lajpath Roy

506. The maximum number of newspaper in India  are printed in :

A. Bengali        B.Malayalam            C.Hindi            D.Tamil

507. The biggest public sector undertaking in India is :

A.BHEL            B.HMT          C.Rayilways               D.ITI

508. Bhopal gas tragedy occurred due to the leakage of :

A.Methyl Isocynate       B.Carbon dioxide        C.Nitrogen            D.Methane

509.Orange juice contains :

A. Vitamin A     B. Vitamin        C. Vitamin C         D. Vitamin E

510. Where exactly is Aksai Chin ?

A.South of Siachen Glacier B.Along the Zakar Mountain            C.NearLeh

D.North East Corner of Jammu and Kashmir

511. Fathom is the unit sed for measuring :

A.Depth          B. Sound          C. Energy            D.Flow

512. Who was the first Negro to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize ?

A. Ralph Bunch          B.frank B.Kellogg       C.Oscar Arias Sanchez

D.Bisho Desmond Tutu

514.Name the person who discovered the Bood  group

A.Land Steiner          B.Hypolite Pixi           C.janssen       D. Horace short

515.The Panchayat Raj is a

A. One –tire System             B. Two-tire System       C.Three-tire System

D. Four-tire System

515. Chairman of Rajya Sabha;

A. Prime – Minister        B.President           C.Vice- President     D.Chief Justice

516. Dandi is the name of a :

A.Technique of Satyagrah       B. Name of a Zamindary System            C. Name of a movement         D.Name of a place

517. The art of gardening is known as :

A.Agriculture             B.Horticulture C.Sericulture              D.None of these

518. The Russian leader who was known as ‘Mr.Nyet’

A.Andre Gromyko        B.Stalin        C.Chernankov           D.Bulganin

519. The Kudal commission was appointed to enquire into :

A.The Fair Fax issue            B.Bofors Gun deal                C.Centre-State relations

D. The working of the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi and the Gandhi Peace Foundation

520. The first war of Indian Independence or the Revolt of 1857 started from :

A.Meerut            B. Jhansi           C.Delhi                D.Culcutta

521. The moon is a :

A. Planet           B. Star             C. Satellite             D. Comet

522. India  is a :

A.Federation             B. Union of state        C. Unitary Country     D. None of these

523. Which tax is levied by the Union Government

A. Land Revenue         B.Income Tax          C. Entertainment Tax            D. Sales Tax

524. The most irrigated State in India

A.Bihar              B.Punjab                 C.Tamilnadu              D.Kerala

525. The resolution of poorna Swaraj was adopted at the :

A.Culcutta Congress            B. Karachi Congress            C.Bombay Congress

D.Lahore Congress

526. Dronacharya Award are given to :

A.Sportsmen             B.Sports Coaches        C.Actros        D.Scientists

527. Vasco da Gama Landed at Calicut in :

A. 1498             B.1598            C.1598                   D.1592

528. The objective of Helpage ndia is :

A. Taking care of orphans                B. Preservation of wild life               C. Promotion of family planning      D. Rendering help and assistance to the old and infirm

529.IMF Loan is sought for :

A. Setting right the balance of payments position B. Expenditure incurred on the seventh plan                      C.Drinking water project in Tamil Nadu          D.Financing the Metro railway in Culcutta

530.Amnesty International is :

A. Human Rights Organisation          B.Organisation fighting against  Apartheid

C. Organisation to help the Third World Countries           D. One of the Specialised

Agencies of the UN

531. Who was the first Indian to be-elected to the British Parliament ?

A. Mothilal Nehru         B. Dadabhai Naoroji           C. Mahathma Gandhi

D.Gopalakrishna Gokhale

532. Which colour of light travels most slowly through glass ?

A.Violet          B. Red            C. Blue                       D. Orange

533. India Joined the United Nation in the Year :

A.1955           B. 1956          C.1957          D. 1958

534. A hole is made in a brass plate and it is heated . The size of the hole will

A. increase         B. first increase and then decrease               C. decrease

D. remain unchanged

535. Punjab was annexed to British territories in the year

A. 1809            B.1839             C.1859                   D.1857

536. The monsoon which brings rain in Kerala during the period October – November is called

A. South – Wst Monsoon        B. North – East Monsoon  C. South – East Monsoon       D.North – West Monsoon

537. The world’s only monarchy in which the king is elected by secret ballot amoung State rules :

A. Sudan          B. Nepal         C.Malaysia               D.Bhuttan

538.The first Muslim ruler in India to introduce the standing army was :

A. Firozshah Tughlaq            B. Babur         C. Iltumish        D. Ala-ud-din Khiliji

539. On a rainy afternoon in which direction is the rainbow seen ?

A. East             B. West          C. North           D.South

550.T x D and DxT denote

A.Formula in physics            B.Surgical terms       C. Preventive injections        D.Hybride Variety of Coconut

551.The Naval air station in Andaman Island is called :

A. INS Garuda           B.INS Veduruthy        C.INS Utkursh            D.INS Agrani

552. The rules of Delhi Sultanate patronized one of the following languages :

A. Turkish         B. Arabic          C. Persian              D. Sanskrit

553. Equatorial region is natural region lying between :

A. 20 North and 20 South of equator            B.50  North and 50 South of the equator

C. 70 North and 70  South of equator           D.100  North and 100 South of the equator

554. Which one of the following techniques has helped to solve many mysteries involving murders, rapes and robberies ?

A.Gene splicing    B. Computer tomography    C.Gene cloning   D.DNA finger printing

555. The National Highway connects Kanyakumari and salem passing though Kerala is:

A.NH 17           B.NH27          C.NH 37            D.NH 57

556. One whose recommendation was the constituent Assembly formed ?

A.Lord Mount batten B.Cripp’s Mission     C.The Cabinet Mission Plan

D. Government of India Act, 1935

557. Linr drawn on a map through places having equal height above mean sea leveLare called :

A. Isobars          B.Grid            C. Contours                D.Scales

558. Magnetic field of electric current was discovered by :

A.Fleming         B. Ampere              C. Faraday                 D.Oersted

559. The country which leads in the production of rubber is :

A.India              B. Malaysia              C.Australia                 D.Sri Lanka

560. Olympic Airways is the airline of

A.France            B.Burma            C.Thailand                      D.Greece


501  D.Balan

502. C.Taxila

503. A.Velu Thampi Dalawa

504. B. Palakkad

505. A.Gopalakrishna Gokhale

506. C.Hindi

507. C.Rayilways

508. A.Methyl Isocynate

509. C. Vitamin C

510. D.North East Corner of Jammu and Kashmir

511. A.Depth

512. A. Ralph Bunch

513. A.Land Steiner

514. C.Three-tire System

515. C.Vice- President

516.   D.Name of a place

517. B.Horticulture

518. D.Bulganin

519. D. The working of the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi and the Gandhi Peace Foundation

520. A.Meerut

521. C. Satellite

522. B. Union of state

523.   B.Income Tax

524. B.Punjab

525. D.Lahore Congress

526. B.Sports Coaches

527. C.1598

528. D. Rendering help and assistance to the old and infirm

529. A. Setting right the balance of payments position

530. A. Human Rights Organisation

531. B. Dadabhai Naoroji

532. B. Red

533. A.1955

534. B.first increase and then decrease

535. C.1859

536. B.North – East Monsoon

537. C.Malaysia

538. D. Ala-ud-din Khiliji

539. A. East

550. D.Hybride Variety of Coconut

551. C.INS Utkursh

552. C. Persian

553. B.50  North and 50 South of the equator

554. D.DNA finger printing

555.     D.NH 57

556. C.The Cabinet Mission Plan

557.  C. Contours

558. C. Faraday

559. B. Malaysia

550. D.Greece

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