Quiz Series Continues Quiz No- 601 to 650

601. December 10 is observed as :

A. World  Health day B. U.N . day         C. World Red Cross day        D.Human Rights day

602. The Play Malavikagnimithram  was written by

A. Chandragupta Maurya         B. Kautiya              C. Kalidasa                D.Vikramaditya

603. The first effective vaccine against Polio was prepared by :

A. John Gibbon            B.Jonas E. Salk        C. Louis Pasteur       D.Edward Jenner

604. Name the country other than India whose In dependence Day falls on 16th August

A.Pakistan                 B.South Korea                       c.Madagascar           D.Bangladesh

605. Leelavathy the  famous Sanskrit Grantha is a book on :

A.Grammar                B.Health Care            C. Aesthetics             D. Mathematics

606. The partition of Bengal was carried out under the rule of

A.Curzon                    B. Rippon                   C.Dalhousie               D.Minto

607. Which state in India touches the boundaries of the largest number of other states :

A.Bihar              B. Orissa                 C. Uttar Pradesh                   D. Madhya Pradesh

608. The Rourkela Steel Plant in Orissa was built with the collaboration of :

A.Russia                    B. Germany                C.Britain                     D. U.S.A

609. In democracy the Sovereignty or the Superior power lies in the hands of :

A. The Government               B.The Ministers    C. The Legislature         D. The People

610. The Malayalam writer who won the first  “Joshwa Foundation Literacy Award” .

A. M.T. Vasudevan Nair          B. O.N.V. Kurup               C. Sukumar Azhicode


611. The Financial Institution that provides long term credit for agriculturists against security of their land.

A. NABARD               B. Reserve Bank                   C. State Financial Corporation

D. Land Development Bank

612. National Science Day is observed on 28, February to commemorate :

A.Bhabha’s birth day              B. The day of declaration of Raman Effect

C. Launching of the first Indian satellite Aryabatta               D. Successful launching of ASLV

613. The Indian State with Heighest Cattle population

A. Uttar Pradesh          B. Bihar                   C.Tamilnadu              D. Keral

614. Which is the Land of White Elephants ?

A. Thailand                 B.Finland                    C. Ireland                    D. Canada

615. The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun :

A. Galileo                   B.Ptolemy                  C.Aryabatta               D.Copernicus

616. The International Court of Justice is located at :

A.Hague                     B.Paris                       C.New York                D.Geneva

617. The smallest state in India

A. Sikkim                   B.Meghalaya             C. Goa                        D. Thripura

618. Richter  Scale is used for measuring the intensity of :

A. Magnitude of earthquake            B. Rainfall       C.Air Pollution           D.Temperature

619. Which dance form is popularly known as “Poetry in motion” ?

A. Mohiniyattam          B. Kuchippudi          C. Bharathanatyam               D. Kathakali

620. R.K Laxman is associated with :

A. Education              B.Painting                  C.Sports                     D. Cartoon

621. National Institute of sports is located at :

A. Patiala                   B. Gwalior                  C. Delhi                      D. Thiruvananthapuram

622. The district in which Central Tuber Crops Reseach Institute is situated :

A.Kasaragod             B. Palakkad               C. Thiruvananthapuram        D. Kottayam

623. The world’s largest employer

A. Microsoft Corp. U.S.A.    B. Mitsubish   C. Tata India Ltd.     D.Indian Railways

624.The name of Nehru’s family House at Allahabad is :

A.Ananamatom      B. Ananda Bhavan   C. Theenmurthi Bhavan            D. Moti Sadan

625. The abbreviation SITA stands for

A. SAARK Industries and Trade Association          B. Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act         C. Suppression of International Traffic Association  D. South Indian Traffic Act

626. Which amoung the following is not included in the list of  Fundamental Rights ?

A. Right of freedom               B. Right of property               C.Right against exploitation

D. Right of freedom of religion

627. Rainbow is caused due to :

A. Refraction and dispersion   B. Refraction    C. Interference of light    D. None of these

628. The high  milk yielding breed of cow developed in India through cross breeding is the :

A. Haryana                 B. Red Sindhi            C. Murrah                   D. Swiss Brown

629. A red object, when seen through a thick blue glass appears :

A.Violet                      B. Black                      C. Green                    D. Red

630. The king who signed the historic “Temple Energy Proclamation” was :

A. Marthanda Varma              B.Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma

C. Ayilyam Thirunal               D. Shakthan Thampuran

631. The state bird of Kerala is :

A. Parrot                     B. Peacock                C. Crow                      D. Hornbill

632. Nedumbasseri Airport is in the district of :

A. Thrissur                  B. Ernakulam             C. Kozhikkode           D. palakkad

633. The sex of the child is determined by :

A Blood group of father          B. Chromosomes of mother          C. Rh factor parents

D. Chromosomes of  father

634. The sun’s heat and light energy  reaches earth by :

A. Refraction              B. Convection                        C. Reflection              D. Radiation

635. The first women Foregin Minister of India was :

A. Sarojini Naidu     B. Vijayalakshmi Pandit         C. Lakshmi N . Menon

D.Indira Gandhi

636. “Uber Cup” is associated with which of the following games / sports?

A. Football                 B. Badminton C. Cricket       D. Hockey

637. Who was the director of the film  “Titanic” which won eleven Oscars at the 70th  Academy Awards ceremony ?

A. Anthony Minghella            B. James Cameron              C. Michael Radoford

D. Ben Affleck

638. The acid present in  lemons and Oranges :

A. Acetic acid              B.Oxalic acid                       C. Lactic acid            D. Citric acid

639. An astronaut on an earth satellite will observe the sky as :

A.Deep red                B. Sky blue                 C. Black         d. Deep blue

640. The first country to issue Postal stamps was :

A.Britain                     B. China                     C. Japan                    D. France

641. Venue of the 2006 Olympics :

A. New York               B. Athens                   C. Calcutta                 D.Berlin

642.Who regarded education and education alone as a means of national progress ?

A. Vivekananda         B. Bala Gangadhara Tilak               C. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

D. Sri Syed  Ahamed Khan

643. Sanctuaries are set up to :

A. Rear animals for meat                 B. Entrap animals                 C. Rear animals

D. Protect animals

644. Which of the following organs is responsible for the removal of excess water, salts and waste products from blood ?

A.Skin             B. Liver                       c                      D. Heart

645 The lowest temperature is recorded :

A. at midnight            B. just after sun rise              C. just before sun rise

D. between 6 p.m and 6 p.m

646. The title “Mahathma” was given to Gandhiji by :

A. subhash Chandra Bose               B. Gopalakrishna Gokhale               C. Rabindranath Tagore                  D. Jawaharlal Nehru

647. The last district forme in Kerala was:

A. Kasaragod                        B. Wayanad       C.Malappuram      D. Pathanamthitta

648. Which river is one of the tributaries of Cavery

A. Kabani                   B.Payaswani             C. Neyyar                   D. Godavari

649. The energy possessed by the water collected in the reservoir of a dam:

A. Kinetic energy       B. Mechanical energy          C. Electric energy     D. Potential Energy

650. Bleaching powder is produced by passing chlorine over this substance :

A.Sodium chloride    B.Solid slaked lime               C.washing soda

D. Calcium carbonate


601. D.Human Rights day

602. C. Kalidasa

603. B.Jonas E. Salk

604. B.South Korea

605. D. Mathematics

606. A.Curzon


608. B. Germany

609. D. The People

610.   B. O.N.V. Kurup

611. D. Land Development Bank

612.  B. The day of declaration of Raman Effect

613. A. Uttar Pradesh

614. A. Thailand

615. D.Copernicus

616. A.Hague

617. C. Goa

618. A. Magnitude of earthquake

619. C. Bharathanatyam

620. D. Cartoon

621. A. Patiala

622. C. Thiruvananthapuram

623. D.Indian Railways

624. B. Ananda Bhavan

625. B. Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act

626. B. Right of property

627. A. Refraction and dispersion

628. B. Red Sindhi

629. B. Black

630. B.Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma

631. D. Hornbill

632. B. Ernakulam

633. D. Chromosomes of  father

634. D. Radiation

635. C. Lakshmi N . Menon

636. B. Badminton

637. B. James Cameron

638. D. Citric acid

639. C. Black

640. A.Britain

641. B. Athens

642. D. Sri Syed  Ahamed Khan

643. D. Protect animals

644. D. Protect animals

645. C. just before sun rise

646. C. Rabindranath Tagore

647. A. Kasaragod

648. A. Kabani

649. D. Potential Energy

650.  B.Solid slaked lime

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