General Knowledge Questions from IIT exams

  1. As per the Global Competitiveness Report, 2001 which country has emerged as the most the competitive nation?
    Ans. Singapore
  2. An egg sinks in tap water but floats in a conecentrated solution of salt because:
    Ans. the density of salt solution exceeds the density of eggs.
  3. The science dealing with the study of phenomenon at very low temperature is known as:
  4. Jhum is:
    Ans. a type of cultivation
  5. Gasoline is the name given to the same substance as:
    Ans. natural gas
  6. Which of the following is an organic rock?
    Ans. coal
  7. The writ of certiorari is issued by a superior court:
    Ans. to an inferior court to transfer the records of proceedings in a case for its review.
  8. Tata, Birlas, AT&T infused Rs. 300 crores (100 crores each) into which company as it was jointly called:
    Ans. Batata
  9. Inflation, in theory, ocurs:
    Ans. when money supply grows at a higher rate than GDP in real terms.
  10. Aggregate Measure of Support (AMS) in the context of WTO refers to:
    Ans. The quantum of subsidy given to the agriculture sector.
  11. Name the official sponsor of the Indian hockey Team for the year 2001?
    Ans. Indian Airlines.
  12. Daniel Radcliffe made headlines for getting the role of portraying on screen which famous muggle-born in the literary world?
    Ans. Harry Potter
  13. Name the scheme run by Unit Trust of India, which was dubbed “Pandora’s Box of Horror”?
    Ans. US 64.
  14. In which year did the first modern Olympic Games take place?
    Ans. 1896.
  15. The Pizza Hut is the world’s largest food chain. Name the world’s largest restaurant company?
    Ans. McDonalds.
  16. Which is the last letter in the Greek alphabet?
    Ans. Omega.
  17. Sound travels fastest through:
    Ans. Steel.
  18. Excise duty is tax levied on:
    Ans. production of goods.
  19. Which of the following is considered a good source of Vitamin A?
    Ans. Carrot.
  20. What is common to these people?
    Manmohan Singh, C. Rangarajan, Bimal Jalan, L.K. Jha
    Ans. They have served as Governors of RBI.
  21. What is common to these cities?
    Seattle, Doha, Singapore
    Ans. Venue of WTO ministerial conference.
  22. Which among the following products forms India’s largest item of export in terms of value?
    Ans. Gems and Jewellery
  23. Who received the Indira Gandhi Prize of Peace, Disarmament and Development of the year 2000?
    Ans. Mary Robinson
  24. Jeff Bezos is the founder of :

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