The Top Richest Peoples In The World

No. 1 Carlos Slim Helu & family

Net Worth: $74 billion UP

Source: Telecom

Country : Mexico

The world’s richest person for a second year in a row, the Mexican telecom mogul is also the year’s biggest gainer, having added $20.5 billion to his fortune and widened the gap between him and No. 2, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, to $18 billion.

No. 2 Bill Gates

Net Worth: $56 billion UP

Source: Microsoft

United States

Microsoft mogul, futurist and America’s richest person has, with help from billionaire buddy Warren Buffett, convinced nearly 60 of the world’s wealthiest to sign his “Giving Pledge,” promising to donate the majority of their wealth to charity either during their lifetime or after death. He is no longer the planet’s richest person, but that’s because he’s given away $30 billion to his foundation. The Gates Foundation, the world’s most influential charity, tackles tuberculosis and polio and funds famine-resistant crops to fight hunger. He is calling for a higher sense of urgency in AIDS vaccine development and also pushing for better tools to rate teacher performance. Gates holds 70% of his wealth in investment fund Cascade, dabbling in everything from autos to hedge funds to Mexican Coke bottler Femsa; the rest of his wealth is held in Microsoft stock

No. 3 Warren Buffett

Net Worth: $50 billion UP

Source: Berkshire Hathaway

United States

The venerable investor’s Berkshire Hathaway climbed more than 15% over the last year adding $3 billion to his fortune. The 80-year-old is still hunting big deals: “Our elephant gun has been reloaded, and my trigger finger is itchy.” Along with bridge partner Bill Gates, the Oracle of Omaha is coaxing America’s richest to pledge half their fortunes to charity.

The others are the following.

4. Mukesh Ambani. India. Oil, gas. $29 billion.
5. Lakshmi Mittal. India. Steel. $28.7 billion.
6. Lawrence Ellison. US. Oracle. $28 billion.
7. Bernard Arnault. France. LVMH luxury goods. $27.5 billion.
8. Eike Batista. Brazil. Mining, oil. $27 billion.
9. Amancio Ortega. Spain. Clothing retail. $25 billion.
10. Karl Albrecht. Germany. Supermarkets. $23.5 billion.
11. Ingvar Kamprad and family. Sweden. Ikea. $23 billion.
12. Christy Walton and family. US. Walmart. $22.5 billion.
13. Stefan Persson. Sweden. Hennes and Mauritz. $22.4 billion.
14. Li Ka-shing. Hong Kong. Diversified. $21 billion.
15. Jim Walton. US. Walmart. $20.7 billion.
16. Alice Walton. US. Walmart. $20.6 billion.
17. Liliane Bettencourt. France. L’Oreal. $20 billion.
18. S. Robson Walton. Walmart. $19.8 billion.
19. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud. Saudi Arabia. Investments. $19.4 billion.
20. David Thomson and family. Canada. Inheritance. $19 billion.

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  1. Dear Admin
    I would like to rectify a few errors presented in your post. The 2011 listings of the world’s richest are as follows:

    1-Carlos Slim Helu & family $74 B 71 telecom Mexico
    2-Bill Gates $56 B 55 Microsoft United States
    3-Warren Buffett $50 B 80 Berkshire Hathaway United States
    4-Bernard Arnault $41 B 62 LVMH France
    5-Larry Ellison $39.5 B 66 Oracle United States
    6-Lakshmi Mittal $31.1 B 60 Steel India
    7=Amancio Ortega $31 B 74 Zara Spain
    8-Eike Batista $30 B 54 mining, oil Brazil
    9=Mukesh Ambani $27 B 53 petrochemicals, oil & gas India
    10-Christy Walton & family $26.5 B 56 Walmart United States

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