The Constitution of India

The task of framing the Constitution of India was given to the Constituent Assembly, formed under the Cabinet Mission Plan of 1946. The inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly was held on December 9, 1946. Dr Sachidananda Sinha was dected provisional Chairman of the Constituent Assembly. On December 11, 1946, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected as the permanent chairman of the Constituent Assembly.

The Constitution of India was enacted, signed and adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949.

On January 26, 1950, the Constitution of India came into force on which date India also became a Republic. Our constitution makes detailed provisions for the following:

*Fundamental Rights,
*Directive Principles of State Policy,
*Structure of the Government,
*Parliament and State Legislatures,
*Supreme Court and High Courts,
*Relationship between the Union and the States,
*Official Language and various other matters of basic importance

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