Electronic Vendor Finance System (eVFS) An application for all customers who require a vendor discount scheme and enjoy vendor financing limits with SBI and provides guarantee service through Instant Interest Recovery Process and Auto Debit of Reversal, which reduces hassles of the bank in recovering the finance. Electronic Dealer Finance […]

Upcoming Bank Exams Bank Exams Bank Jobs / Positions Dates To Remember Remittance of  fee Apply On-line Application submission written Test Canara Bank Specialist Officers:150 20.04.2011 to 13.05.2011 20.05.2011 Aryavart Gramin Bank Office Assts:67 Officers:51 13.04.2011 to 12.05.2011 Office Assts:03.07.2011 Officers:10.07.2011 SKG Bank Office Assts:40 Officers:15 13.04.2011 to 12.05.2011 Office […]

General intelligence is a person’s ability to think, reason, solve problems, and interact appropriately in situations. Answer the following questions and Test Your General Intelligence IQ Now. 1. A factor that ________ the understanding of the genetic versus environmental impacts on IQ is that twins who are separated tend to […]

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) is one of five institutions that comprise the World Bank Group. The IBRD is an international organization whose original mission was to finance the reconstruction of nations devastated by World War II. Now, its mission has expanded to fight poverty by means […]

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