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SNo ,Name  ,Mechanical Inventions

1. Austin , Motor Car

2. Bell, Graham Telephone

3.  Berliner, Microphone

4. Brequet, Helicopter

5. Bushwell, Submarine

6. Caxton , Printing Press

7. Colt, Revolver

8. Daimler ,Gas engine

9 Davy Miner’s ,Safety Lamp

10. Diesel ,Internal Combustion Engine (Diesel Engine)

11.  Dunlop, Pneumatic tyre

12. Edison, First electric bulb and gramophone

13. Faraday,Dynamo

14. Fick Law of Diffusion – Fick’s law

15. Frank Whittle, Jet propulsion

16. Fulton ,Stream boat

17. Galileo ,Telescope

18. Gillette, Safety razor

19. Guttenburg, Art of Printing

20. Hoe Rotary, Printing Press

21. Howe ,Sewing Machine

22. Huygens ,Pendulum clock

23. James Watt, Steam Engine (patented in 1769)

24. Landstrom, J.E. Safety Matches

25. Macmillan, Bicycle (1842)

26. Mauser, Magazine of rifle

27. Mercator, Celestial and a terrestrial globe

28. Mergenthaler, linotype

29. Montgolfier ,Balloon (1883)

30. Pascal, Calculating Machine

31. Puckle, James Machine gun

32. Shockley, Transistor

33. Sholes, Typewriter

34. Stephenson, Railway engine

35. Swinton, Military tank

36. Torricelli, Barometer

37. Watt, Robert Watson Radar

38. W. & O. Wright
(Wright Brothers), Aeroplane (1903)

39. Watermann, Fountain pen

40. Zeiss Lenses; Camera

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