Japan elects Shinzo Abe as the Prime Minister for the third time in a row

Japan’s ruling coalition has won an overwhelming victory in Sunday’s general election.Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has scored a major victory in national elections that returned his ruling coalition to power in decisive fashion.

The Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito party maintained more than two-thirds of the Lower House seats, allowing them to propose the first amendment to the country’s Constitution.

As of Monday morning, 461 of the chamber’s 465 seats have been decided. The LDP, led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, secured 283 seats, one less than before the election but far more than a simple majority of 233.

Komeito won 29, bringing the total of seats held by the ruling camp to 312.

Abe said the result reflected people’s desire for the ruling bloc to produce concrete results on a stable political foundation. He pledged to do his best to meet their expectations.

On the opposition side, the Constitutional Democratic Party, or CDP, more than tripled its seat tally to 54, making it the main opposition. The party is a splinter group of the Democratic Party, which did not run any candidates in the election.

CDP President Yukio Edano said the party will fulfill its pledge to restore grassroots politics. He said it does not support amending the Constitution to approve the right of collective self-defense.

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike’s party, Hope, another upstart, won fewer-than-expected 49 seats.

Key points:

A victory for Mr Abe would mean a continuation of the policies of the last five years
Final results may not be confirmed until later today
Mr Abe’s LDP party appears set to pass a two-thirds majority in parliament

Mr Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party and a small coalition partner had together secured at least 312 seats in the 465-seat lower house of parliament, Japanese media said, passing the 310-barrier for a two-thirds majority. Four seats remained undecided.

About Japan’s National parliament:-

In Japan, representatives are elected to the national parliament, the Diet. … Because Japan has a parliamentary political system like that of England, members of the House of Representatives elect a prime minister from among themselves by majority vote. The prime minister is usually a leader of the majority party

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