Historical Places -Historical Places and its features Starting with the alphabet A

Abadan: (Iran); oil fields.

Aberdeen: Known as Granite City is famous for Britain’s largest granite-exporting industry. It is in Scotland.

Abu Simbal: (Egypt) famous ancient temple cut out of rock by Rameses II.

Al-Aqsa: is a mosque in Jerusalem said to be the third holiest to the Muslims after Mecca and Madina.

Alaska: The territory of the Alaska became a United States possession in 1867, when the American Government purchased it from Russia.

Alexandria: city and sea-port of Egypt founded by Alexander the Great.

Algiers: is the capital town and port of Algeria in North Africa.

Angkor Vat: a ruined city in Cambodia where beautiful specimens of ancient Indian art and culture are found.

Arakan Yoma: is the extension of Himalayas located in Myanmar.

Aswan: (Egypt) on the Nile. Aswan Dam, which is one of the biggest dams in the world, is situated here.

Atacama: Cold desert in South America.

Attock: town in West Pakistan between Peshawar and Islamabad known for oil wells.

Ava: (Myanmar) on the Irrawadi river; famous for many pagodas now in ruins.

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