Historical Places -Historical Places and its features Starting with the alphabet C

Cairo: capital of Egypt.

Caldor Hall: Caldor Hall, named after the world famed American sculptor, Alexander Stirling Caldor, is a famous Art Gallery in Philadelphia (USA). The sculptural productions of Alexander Caldor in addition to those of other famous artists have found a befitting abode in Caldor Hall.

Canberra: capital of Australia situated 249 km south-west of Sydney.

Cape Kennedy: in Florida (USA) is America’s space-ship launching centre.

Cape Trafalgar: on the coast of Spain; Nelson’s victory in 1805.

Caracas: is the capital of Venezuela. Here, the Third UN Conference on the Law of the Seas was held in June-August 1974.

Caspian Sea: 1216 km long and 432 km wide; occupies an area of 170,000 square miles between Asia and Europe. It is the largest inland sea in the world and is 26 metres below sea-level.

Cenotaph: (London) a monument in White Hall, London, unveiled by George V in 1920 to commemorate those who gave their lives during World War I.

Chequers: in the Chiltern Hills near Princes Risborough, Bucks, in England is the country-seat of the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

Chicago: second city in population and third in area situated at the mouth of Chicago river at the south-west corner of lake Michigan in Illinois (USA). The city is cut by the Chicago river into three parts, joined by bridges and tunnels. It is known for the University of Chicago. There are many fine parks, playgrounds and bathing beaches. It is the greatest Railway centre in the USA. It is also the biggest meat-packing centre.

Colombo: capital, chief town and port of Sri Lanka. It has much strategic importance being situated on a great ocean highway from Europe to the Far East.

Colorado: USA—famous for gold, silver, copper and coal.

Colosseum of Rome: one of the most magnificent ruins of the world and name of the amphitheatre in Rome.

Corsica: an island in the Mediterranean where Napoleon was born.

Cotopaxi: is situated in Equador—a Republic on the Pacific coast of South America—Cotopaxi is the loftiest active volcano in the world with a height of 5,959 metres.

Coventry: England; centre of cycle, motor-cycle and motor-car industry.

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