Gorakhpur MP Yogi Adityanath the New Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

UP : yogi adityanath UP cm Gorakhpur Member of Parliament (MP) Yogi Adityanath was on 18 March 2017 elected as the Leader of UP BJP State Legislature Party.

With this election, Yogi Adityanath is set to become the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

He will sworn-in on 19 March 2017 at a ceremony in Lucknow, which is expected to be attended by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Who is Yogi Aditynath?

• He was born on 15 June 1972 in Panchur, Uttarakhand.

• He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Science from H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar (Garhwal), Uttarakhand.

• So far he was elected to the Lok Sabha for 5 times. He got elected for the first time in 1998 and his recent electoral victory was in the 2014 general elections.

• As a Member of the Parliament, he was part of various committees that include Committee on Food, Civil Supplies and Public Distribution, Committee on External Affairs and Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture.

• Adityanath became the Mahant of the Gorakhnath Mutt following the death of Mahant Avaidyanath in September 2014.

• Besides his political activities, he is known in Uttar Pradesh for his active involvement in social and cultural activities that include providing hostel for socially and economically weaker and backward children and working for mass-awakening against religious and social conventions.

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