GK Todays GK Bits of the day

1. Which country was on the top in medal tally in South Asian Games 2010?


2. As per the schedule, the Census 2011 Exercise work will be completed by

March 5,2011

3. The Unique Identification (UID) Project, headed by Nandan Nilekani has been renamed as


4. India’s 15th National Census Exercise began on-

April 1,2010

5. The winner of Augusta Masters title(Golf) is-

Phil Mickelson

6. India’s first- Anti-submarine warfare corvette is

INS Kamorta

7. The World’s first Homeopathy University is being established in-


8. Where was the sixteenth ASEAN Summit held?


9. Who is known as the father of Sanskrit Grammar?


10. The award which is associated with Agriculture?

Bourlog Award

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