Published On: Thu, Aug 12th, 2010

GK Quiz Series for Exams

1. In which ocean coral reef can be seen?
pacific ocean

2. What is the chemical name of dry ice?

Carbon dioxide , solid CO2

3. What is White Vitriol?

Zinc Sulphate

4. In which year first general election held in India?


5. Against which act Gandhiji mooted Satyagraha Movement?

Rowlett Act

6. Hirakund Dam is located on which river?


7. What is the chemical name of Hypo?

soduium thiosulphate

8. Universalize Secondary Education is a aim of which five year plan?


9 . Recently PM Manmohan singh inaugurated 96t session of Indian Science congress in which city?


10. Bobby Zindal who was in news recently is a governor of which state?


11. Committee for banning ragging in educational institutes has been formed . Who is the chairman of this committee?

R K kragavan

12. Who is Indian Army Chief?

Deepak kapoor

13. Who is CEO Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd?

S K Jain

14.What Percentage of surplus funds which has been allowed by the govt to the navratnas and mini narvratnas to invest in equity ?


15. As per 2001 census state having highest urban population is ?


14. Who took over as new chair man of Air port authority of India?

V P Agarwal

15. “Indirect  economic impacts of dam” Who has written this book?

Ramesh bhatia
16. Towards Social Development” who has written this book?

K S Bhatt

17. Who has written the book ” The Enduring Bahu” ?

KC Sivaramakrishnan

18  ” Mangla Bhagyam” , ” Shakti” & “Aishwarya” what are these ??

oil fields discovered recently in Rajasthan

19.  Who is the author of ” Ashtadhyayi” ?


20    ” Atlas Mountains ” are in which continent?


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