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GK Quiz for Exams-GK Question Series No.15

651. The most abundant substance on earth is :

A.Solid             B. Carbon                C. water                      D. Metal

652.The world famous mineral region in India:

A. Deccan plateau      B. Chotanagpur plateau     C. Shillong plateau       D. North-East frontier

653. The gas which causes acid rain in industrial area :

A. Carbon dio-xide      B. Carbon monoxide         C. Sulphur dioxide    D.Methane

654. Generally water logged areas are ideal breeding places for mosquitoes; but these insects are not seen near the sea. Why ?

A. Sea water is fresh            B. sea water is warm            C. sea water is salty

D. Sea water is not muddy

655. What is the main activity of the Eskimos during the short period of Summer?

A. Hunting                  B. Fishing                   C. Animal grazing                 D. Gardening

656. The first Chief Minister of Kerala ?

A. E.M.S Namboodiripad       B. A.K. Antony        C. K.Karunakaran    D. E. K Nayanar

657. The smallest coninent  is situated in

A. the Atlantic Ocean            B. the Pacific Ocean C. the Indian Ocean

D. between Indian and Pacific Ocean

658. The first battle of panipat was fought between Barbar and

A.Nadirsha        B. Ibrahim Lodi          C. allavuddin           D. Mahamood Gazni

659. The Pyramids are found on the banks of the river

A. Congo           B. Nile                      C. Niger                      D. Zambezi

660. At the Battle of Waterloo  Nepolean was defeated by

A. Nelson          B. Wellington            C. Macaulay D.Curzon

661. The opium war was fought between the Chinese and ……….

A. the British              B. the French             C. the Japanese        D. the Portugese

662. The first President of the U.S.A was

A.George Washinton            B. Thomas Jefferson            C. Theodore Roosevelt

D. Abraham Lincon

663. When did Hong Kong return to Chinese rule ?

A. June 1997        B. August 1967              C. October 1966       D. November1966

664. When sodium vapour lamp burns………. light is emitted

A.Green                      B. Orange        C. White                   D.Yellow

665. After the Chinese revolution Chiang Kai Shek fled to the island called……..

A. Sicily             B. Formosa             C. Cylon                     D.Sumathra

666. The river that carries the largest quantity of water is the

A. Nile                         B. Amazon                 C.Miscisippi              D. Volga

667. The Portugese colonialism started in India in ………..

A. 1698 A.D               B. 1626 A.D               C.1867 A.D               D.1767 A.D

668. …………… mountain ranges separates Europe from Asia

A. The Appalachian              B.The Pyrenees        C. The Ural     D. The Alps

669. The Punjab takes its name from the tributaries of the river…………..

A. Ganga                    B. Krishna                  C. Indus                      d. Cauvery

670. The strait that joins the Atlantic and the Meditterranean is the ……..

A. Panama Canal     B. Seuiz Canal          C. Gibralter strait       D. Palk strait

671. The constitutional validity of the laws passed by the states and the parliament is decided by ……….

A. The President       B. The Prime Minister   C. The Supreme Court   D. The Speaker

672. The Rousseau, Voltaire and Montesque caused the great ……… with their writings

A. French Revolution            B. Industrial Revolution         C. Agrarian Revolution

D. Green Revolution

673. The reaction in torch cell is …..

A. Photochemical      B. Electrochemical     C. Endothermic       D.Addison reaction

674. Which of the following chemicals is used in the making of photograph ?

A. Sodium Chloride     B.Silverbromide   C. Aluminium hydroxide

D. Sodium nitrate

675.An African country which became independent under U.N. Mandate in 990:

A.Namibia         B.Ghna        C.Mozambique             D.Guinea

676. The Indian whattended the parliament of religions at Chicagin  893 :

A. Ram Mohan Roy     B. Dayananda Saraswathi   C.Vivekananda   D. Gandhiji

677. The term “extra cover” is assosiated with:

A. Cricket       B. Tennis        C. Horse race            D. Hockey

678. The Indian bank with over 9000 branches
A. Central Bank of lndia       B. State Bank of Travancore           C. State Bank of India
D. Federal Bank

679. The Tropical cyclone is known in West Indies and the Gulf of Mexico as:

A. Hurricane   B. Typhoon     C. Tornado     D. Willy Willies

680. An instrument which indicates altitude of a place along with corresponding pressure:

A. Anemometer         B. Barometer             C. Hygrometer           D. Altimeter

681.India conducted nuclear test in May 1998 in Pokhran. Pokhran in the State of :

A. Bihar       B. Orissa          C. Rajasthan D. Uttar Pradesh

682.Which of the following gases does not form part of the atmosphere ?

A. Nitrogen      B.   Chlorine         C. Carbon dioxide  D. Oxygen

683.”All are equal; some are more equal than oth­ers.” Who amongst the following writers made

this statement through his book “Animal   Farm”?

A. M.K.Gandhi B. Socratese                   C. George Orwell        D. Salman Rushdi

684.The scientist who originally put forward the  hypothesis which states that the continents

have moved relative each other across the  surface of the earth is

A.  Alfred Wegener        B. Ferrel        C.T.P.Good     D. Antonia Snider Pellegrini

685.The most remarkable aspect of the Indus  Valley Civilization is its :

A.Town planning         B.  Extensive agriculture         C. Religious practice    D. Foreign Trade

686.Horthns Malabaricus is a 17th   century book   published in twelve volumes describing the

plants in Malabar. This work based on scientific study was done by:

A. The British              B.The Dutch       C.   The French        D. The Portugese

687.      Sonal Mansing is associated with which of the following fields

A. Dancing           B. Sports    C. Social Service      D. Politics

688.      Which among the following inert gases is not a present in our atmosphere?

A. Neon       B. Argon              C. Zenon               D. Radon

689.Which of the following substance may cause acid rain?

A. Carbon monoxide    B. Hydrogen sulphide       C.Hydrocarbons

D. Sulphur dioxide

690.ELISA test is an investigation to find out the presence of a desease. Which of the

Following is the disease?

A.  AIDS                         B. Cancer                    C. Filariasis            D.Tuberculosis

691.The country with highest Newspaper circulation

A. Japan     B. China       C. India              D. Germany

692.Which of the following missile system developed in India has the longest

range ?

A. Prithvi     B.Nag        C. Trishul        D. Agni

693.The multiple National and International award winning Malayalarn film ‘Piravi’

Was directed by:

A. G. Aravindan         B. M.T. Vasudevan Nair       C .Shaji N. Karun D.  Adoor Gopalakrishnan

694.Temples of Angkor Vat the centres depicting the early diffussion of Indian culture

Even from the 6th century A.D., are still remaining as wonders. Where is this Angkor?

A.  Cambodia             B.China         C.Indonesia           D. Laos

695.Oxygen was discoverd by:

A.Rutherford      B. Joseph Priestly       C. Lavoisier             D. NeilJBohr

696.The Glycogen is mainly stored in:

A. liver and muscles       B.spleen     C. bones     D. kidney

697.Gregor Mendel’s name is associated with:

A. Linguistics       B. Phonetics         C. Physics  D. Genetics

698.The capital ofHarsha’s Empire was:

A. Delhi       B. Ujjain          C.Thaneswar          D.Kannauj

699.Which of the following is not a chemical change ?

A. Digestion of food      B. Dissolution of Sugar in water   C. Burning of a candle D. Souring of milk

700.More than 90 percent of plasma contains

A. Water        B. Blood            C. Oxygen   D.  None of these


651. C. water

652. B. Chotanagpur plateau

653. C. Sulphur dioxide

654. C. sea water is salty

655. B. Fishing

656. A. E.M.S Namboodiripad

657. D. between Indian and Pacific Ocean

658. B. Ibrahim Lodi

659. B. Nile

660. B. Wellington

661. A. the British

662. A.George Washinton

663. A. June 1997

664. D.Yellow

665. B. Formosa

666. B. Amazon

667. A. 1698 A.D

668. C. The Ural

669. C. Indus

670. C. Gibralter strait

671. C. The Supreme Court

672. A. French Revolution

673. B. Electrochemical

674. B.Silverbromide

675. A. Namibia

676. C. Vivekananda

677. A. Cricket

678. C. State Bank of India

679. A. Hurricane

680. D. Altimeter

681.C. Rajasthan

682. B.   Chlorine

683. C. George Orwell

684. A.  Alfred Wegener

685. A.Town planning

686. B.The Dutch

687. A. Dancing

688. D. Radon

689. D. Sulphur dioxide

690. A.  AIDS

691. A. Japan

692. D. Agni

693. C .Shaji N. Karun

696. A.  Cambodia

696. B. Joseph Priestly

696. A. liver and muscles

697. D. Genetics

698.  D. Kannauj

699. B. Dissolution of Sugar in water

700. A. Water

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