GK Questions Series Part 2

1)Who has recently assumed charge as the new Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting?

Answer:Raghu Menon

2)Admiral Gorshkov which was recently in news has been renamed as?

Answer:INS Vikramaditya

3)India’s cabinet recently approved the proposal to sign a comprehensive economic partnership agreement CEPA comprising six pacts viz. trade in goods, trade facilitation and custom cooperation, trade in services and investment with which country ?

Answer:South Korea

4)The finance ministry of India recently said in its annual economic survey that India needs to end controls on prices of petrol and diesel to curb fuel demand. What is India’s India’s rank in Asia in the oil consumption?


5)In the economic survey presented ahead of Budget , what fraction of foreign equity share in Insurance Business was recommended?

Answer:49 %

6.	As per 1991 Census, which one of the following groups of
Union Territories had the highest literacy rate ?
	(a)	Chandigarh and Dadra & Nagar Haveli
	(b)	Delhi and Andaman & Nicobar Islands
	(c)	Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Pondicherry
	(d)	Pondicherry and Delhi
	Ans:	( b )	Delhi and Andaman & Nicobar Islands

7.	In order to win the Grand Slam in Tennis, a player must
win which one of the following groups of tournaments ?
	(a)	Australian Open, Wimbeldon, French Open, U.S. Open
	(b)	Wimbledon, French Open, U.S. Open, Swedish Open
	(c)	Wimbledon, French Open, Paegas Czec Open, U.S. Open
	(d)	Davis Cup, Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open
	Ans:	( a )	Australian Open, Wimbeldon, French Open, U.S. Open

8.	?Abhinava Bharat?, a secret society of revolutionaries,
was organized by
	(a)	Khudiram Bose
	(b)	V.D. Savarkar
	(c)	Prafulla Chaki
	(d)	Bhagat Singh
	Ans:	( b )	V.D. Savarkar

9.	Endoscopy, a technique used to explore the stomach or
other inner parts of the body, is based on the phenomenon of
	(a)	Total internal reflection
	(b)	Interference
	(c)	Diffraction
	(d)	Polarisation
	Ans:	( a )	Total internal reflection

10.	Which one of the following lakes forms and international
boundary between Tanzania and Uganda ?
	(a)	Chad
	(b)	Malawi
	(c)	Victoria
	(d)	Zambezi
	Ans:	( c )	Victoria

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