GK Questions from PSC Exams

1.Mamakam,the great ancient regional festival was held at :


2.Kollam Era began :

A D 825

3.The longest river in Keraka:


4. Mixed colony system was introduced by:


5. Sathujana Paripalana Yogam was started by:


6. The first chief minister of travancore popular ministry:

Pattom Thanupillai

7. The temple entry proclamation was  issued by:

Chithira thirunal balarama varma

8 Malayalee sabha was organized by:

C.Krishna Pilla

9. Cochin State prajamandal was  formed in:
16th Jan 1941

10.Electricity agitation of Cochin was against the decision of the Diwan

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  1. The questionaire is useful for competative exams. Uniformity is missing in preparation of questionaire. some are question and answer and some are mcq type. Better to keep unifomity in types of questions preparation.

  2. Sir,
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    Thanking you,
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