Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2010

GK-Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

1 Which is the capital of Algeria

2. What is the importance of April 7?
Ans:- World Health Day

3. One mill is the smallest unit of U.S. currency, being used in pricing gasoline and computing taxes. How much is it worth?
4. What is unusual about the year of the Great Fire of London, as written in Roman numerals?
Ans:-The year was 1666, which in Roman numerals would be MDCLVI-each numeral written once and in descending order.
5. Who wrote the book ‘The winner Stands alone’?
Ans:-Paulo Coelho
6. Fat soluble vitamins
Ans:-Vitamins A, E, D and K
7. What is the importance of April 7?
Ans:- World Health Day
8. International women’s day
Ans:-March 8
9. Nagasaki day
Ans:-August 9
10. World tourism day
Ans:-September 27
11 World Diabetic Day
Ans:-November 14
12. Write the name of the parliaments of the following countries
Nepal:-National Panchayat
13. Bhutan: – Tsongdu
14. Iran:- Majlis
15. Iceland: – Althing
16 Official language of Algeria
17. Ivory Coast:- Elephant
18 National emblem of Pakistan
Ans:- Cresent
19. Official residence of the Prime minister of India
Ans:-7 Race Course Road
20. National day of Algeria
Ans:-November 1st

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  1. Sarwagya says:

    the anwer for the Nepali parliament in q/n 12 is not ‘national panchayat’ but ‘Sansad’ since the country embraced multiparty democracy in 1990. So the answer is poorly outdated.

  2. siva says:

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