GK Questions from PSC Exams -Series 2

1.A device which converts light ebergy into electric energy:

(a) Photoelectric cell (b)  Lead Acid Accumulater

(c) Dry cell           (d) Nickel cadmium battery

2.The longest railway tunnel in india is on:

(a) Sothern Railway  (b)  Konkan Railway

(c) Western Railway  (d)  Eastern Railway

3.Blood group of universal recepient:

(a) B    (b)  O

(c) AB   (d)  A

4. Price of an inland letter is

(a) RS.3    (b)  RS.4

(c) RS.2.50   (d)  A  RS.3.50

5.Who said ‘Things are numbers’?

(a) Pythagorus    (b)  Graham

(c) G.H.Hardy    (d)  A  Herodotus

6.A pulse is considered as a substitute for milk:

(a) Green gram    (b)  Peanut

(c) Black gram    (d)   Soyabean

7.The part of the potato do we eat:

(a)underground stem    (b)  Root

(c)Stem                (d) Root nodes

8.The gas combines with rain water and causes acid rain:

(a) Hydrogen sulphide  (b) Silphurdioxide

(c) Methane            (d)   Ethane

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