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General Knowledge Questions Part-2

51. Ahamedabad is situated on the banks of the river : Sabarmati,in Gujarat
52. The birth place of Ezhuthachan is : Thunchanparambu at Thirur
53. Which is known as ‘City of Magnificent Distances’ : Washington
54. Samadi of Rajiv Gandhi is : Veerbhoomi
55. Malayalam Research centre is at : Tirur
56. Who wrote Mahabharata : Ved Vyasa
57. Surat is situated on the banks of the river : Tapti,in Gujarat
58. Leading producer of Zinc : Mexico
59. Who wrote ‘Narayaneeyam’: Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri
60. Which is known as ‘City of Golden Gates’ : San Francisco
61. Samadhi of Morarji Desai is : Abhayaghat
62. Kunjali Marakkar was killed by the Portuguese in : 1600 in Goa
63.Which English chemist in his attempts to explain chemical reactions claimed that ‘all matter  are
composed of atoms’ : John Dalton
64. When did Gandiji visit Kerala first time : 1920
65. Varanasi is situated on the banks of the river : Ganges,in Utter Pradesh
66. Which is known as ‘City of Seven Hills’ : Rome
67. Attingal Rebellion was in : 1721
68. Bhagavat Gita is a part of : The Mahabharatha
69. Kullachal Battle was in : 1741
70. Samadhi of Gulzarilal Nanda is : Narayanghat
71. Which is known as ‘City Of Gems’ : Ratnapura
72. Chanar Lahala was in : 1859
73. Mangolians living in Assam region : Abhors
74. Vijayavada is situated on the banks of the river : Krishna ,Andra Pradesh
75. Malayali Memoriyal at Travancore was in : 1891
76. Which is known as City of Students : Moscow
77. Ezhava Memorial was in : 1896
78. ‘Lambert is the unit of : Intensity of light
79. Samadhi of Jagjivan Ram is : Samathasthal
80. Mopla Rebellion was in : 1921
81. Hydrabad is situated on the bank of the river : Musi,in Andhra Pradesh
82. which is known as ‘ Cockpit of Europe’ : Belgium
83. Wagon Tragedy was in : 1921
84. The first law giver of ancient India was :Manu
85. Vaikkom Satyagraha was in : 1924
86. Which is known as ‘Copper Country’ : Zambia
87. Samadhi of Lal Bahadur Shastri is known as : Vijayaghat
88. Guruvayoor Satyagraha was in : 1931
89. Kanpur is situated on the bank of the river : Ganges , in Uttar Pradesh
90. The Dutch born in South Africa : Afrikaners
91. Nivartana Agitation was in :1932
92. Which is known as ‘Dark Continent’ : Africa
93. Temple entry proclamation was in :1936
94. Samadhi of Kishan Kanth is : Nigam Bodhghat
95. ‘Manusmrithi was translated into English by : William Jones
96. Lucknow is situated on the bank of the river : Gomati,in Uttar Pradesh
97. Name the battle which shattered the hope of the Dutch to establish their political power in India :
Battle of Kulachal
98. Which is known as Dairy of ‘Northern Europe’: Denmark
99. Land Revenue was introduced in Kochi in the year : 1761
100. Nasik is situated on the banks of the river : Godawari,in Maharastra

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