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General Knowledge Questions Part-1

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1. Parasuram is believed to be the incarnation of  : Vishnu

2. Ayodhya is situated on the banks of the river :Sarayu in Uttar Pradesh

3. The two priests who played a major part during the Rig Vedic Period were : Vasi
4.Christianity was introduced in India by  : St Thomas
5.Which is known as ‘Britain of the East’ : Japan
6.St.Thomas first came to Kerala in : A.D 52
7.Leading producer of turmeric is : India
8.Samadhi of mahathma Gandi is :Rajghat
9.Badhrinath is situated on the banks of river : Alakananda in Uttaranchal
10. Huang Tsang visited Kerala in: A.D.630
11.Which is known as ‘Britain of the South’ : New Zealand
12. Sankaracharya lived during the period of : Kulasekharas
13. Kolkata is situated on the banks of the river : Hoogly,in West Bengal
14. Name the Rig Vedic god who is called ‘Purandara’ or breaker of forts : Indra
15. The only Muslim kingdom in Kerala was : the Arrakal Kingdom
16. Which is known as ‘Battle field of Europe’ : Belgium
17. Name the Chineese traveller who visited Kerala  in 1409 : Mahuven
18. Plants of a particular region is called : Flora
19. The Arabian merchant Silaiman visited Kerala in : A.D 851
20. Cuttack is situated on the banks of the river : Mahanadi,in Orissa
21. Which is known as city of ‘Arabian Nights’ : Baghdad
22. Which was the capital of Venad kingdom : Kollam
23………… acted as an inter mediatory between the gods and the people in the Vedic period : Agni
24. Delhi is  situated on the banks of the river ; Yamuna
25. Beginning of Malayalam era : A.D 825
26. Which is known as ‘City of Cycles’ : Beijing
27. ……… one of the old regional festivals ,was held at Thirunavaya during the reign of Samoothiri of Kozhikode : Mamankom.

28. ‘Sathyameva Jayathae’ have been taken from : Mundaka Upanishath

29. Samadhi of Jevaharlal Nehru : Santhivan

30. Guwahati is situated on the banks of the river : Brahmaputra in Assam

31. ……….. was the head of the military force of Samoothiri : Kunjali Marakkar
32. Which is known as city of Dreaming Spires : Oxford
33. ……… is the ship in which Charles Darwin under took his study tour : Beagle
34.Samadhi of Dr.Ambedkar : Chithrabhoomi
35. Hardwar is situated on the banks of the river : Ganges in Uttaranchal
36. Leading producer of wheat : USA
37. On December 24 ,1525 Gama died at Fort Kochi and his body was buried in : St.Francis church
38. Which is known as ‘City of Eternal Springs’ : Quito in Ecauador
39. Samadhi of Indira Gandhi : Shakthistal
40. ……….  was the first Portuguese Viceroy in Kerala : De Almeida
41. The lengthiest classic episode in India : The Mahabharatha
42. Agra is situated on the banks of the river : Yamuna,in Uttar Pradesh
43. Samadhi of Zail Singh is : Ekthasthal
44. Which was the capital of Kulasekharas : Mahodayapuram
45. Which is known as ‘City of Popes’ : Rome
46. The emperor of Kulasekhara kingdom was known as : Perumal
47. Light Year is a unit of : distance
48. ……… is considered The Father of Malayalam language : Ezhuthachan
49. Samadhi of Charan Singh is : Kisanghat
50. Which is known as ‘City of Sky Scrappers’ : New York

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