Economic Terms-Questions asked in Bank P O Exams

1- The RBI Governor reviews the Annual Monetary and credit policy every time after a gap of ———months?


2- Reserve Bank of India keeps changing the ratio which regulates the minimum reserve each bank must hold to customer’s deposits. What this ratio called?

Cash Reserve Ratio

3- Which bank has the punchline”Much more to do with YOU in focus”?
Andhra Bank

4- A new field of banking system made up of large-scale banks that operate extensive networks of branches and provide different services. This new termed emerged in the banking field is —————?

Universal Banking

5- Providing credit and other financial services and products of very small amount to the poors in rural / semi-urban area is callled as …………..?

Micro Finance

6- What are Basel Norms?

Norms specially designed to control various risk factors in bank operations

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