Branches of Studies

Agrology – Study of  Soil and Cultivasion
Agrostolgy – Study of  Teeths
Anthropolgy -Study of  Human race

Carpology – Study of fruits
Cryptography – Study of  secret codes
Celonology – Study of Moon

Dactilology -Study of Thumb Impressions
Dentrology – Study of Trees

Ethilogy – Study of Fishs

Ficology -Study of Alagas

Gerentolgy – Study of Old ages

Hamatology – Study of Blood
Happatology – Study of Liver
Histolgy – Study of Body Pixels

Orology – Study of  Peaks
Oology –  Study of eggs
Ornothology –  Study of Birds
Ostiology – Study of Bones

Paliaentolgy – Study of Fossil
Pedology – Study of soil

Pottamology – Study of Lakes
Pathology – Study of Diseases

Micology – Study of Fungus

Toxicology – Study of Toxins

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