Todays Gk Lessons 2

1 Kalinga Prize is awarded by

Ans : Environment

2 Who was the first Ramon Magsaysay Award winner from India

Ans : Acharya Vinoba Bhave

3 The first recipient of Gandhi Peace Prize was

4 Ans : Dr. Julius N. Nyerera

5 Nehru Award is instituted for

6 Ans : International understanding and peace

Kalinga Prize, an International prize is awarded annually for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the interpretation and popularization of

Ans : Science

7 Magnifying glass was invented by

Ans : Roger Bacon

8 Polio vaccine was invented by

Ans : Jonas Edward Salk

9 Who discovered the Blood groups

Ans : Karl Landsteiner

10 Television was invented by

Ans : John L. Baird

11 Theory of relativity was explained by

Ans : Albert Einstein

12 Wireless Telegraph was invented by

Ans : Marconi

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