Technology News-The first Indian web browser Epic launched

Bangalore-based firm launches first Indian web browser ‘Epic’
Bangalore: Indians have a new cause to celebrate with the launch of the first Indian made web browser aptly called ‘Epic’. Released by a Bangalore-based software firm, Hidden Reflex, Epic is based on the Mozilla platform.

The unique feature that sets Epic apart from other browsers is that it has a built-in antivirus protection. The integrated antivirus and antispyware has been powered by ESET.

The web browser can be customized as per the user’s desire. You can change the background and themes according to your preference. And there are over 1,500 free themes to choose from. The browser’s has a number of apps in its sidebar like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut etc. You can directly launch them from the sidebar.

The Epic is highly Indian in its look and feel. The ‘Indic’ app in the browser lets you type in 12 Indian languages.

The browser makers claim maximum privacy by giving features such as one-click private data deletion, flash cookie deletion built-in and no storage of browsing history. Faster downloads and browsing are some of the other claims made by the Epic developers. So what are you waiting for? Go check and experience it for yourself. After all such innovations reinforce our feelings of being a proud Indian.

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