A suicide bomb and gun attack on a Methodist church in Pakistan has killed at least five people, reports say. The attack happened in the city of Quetta, some 65km (40 miles) from the border with Afghanistan. More than a dozen people were also wounded after gunmen wearing explosive vests […]

North Korea has threatened the United States with the “greatest pain” it has ever suffered following new sanctions imposed by the United Nations. Pyongyang’s envoy to the UN accused Washington of opting for “political, economic and military confrontation”. US President Donald Trump said the move was nothing compared to what […]

New Delhi: The right of mentally-ill patients to decide their mode of treatment, decriminalising suicide for them and a ban on electric shock treatment without anaesthesia are some of the progressive provisions of the new mental health bill proposed by the Indian government. “The bill was passed by the union […]

Centre reluctant to convene Cavery River Authority Ramdev’s parliament march stopped – gains political support Teesta water sharing in the agenda while Ershad meets Manmohan sing China’s moon rover will be powered by nuclear battery Olympic flag arrives in Rio de Janeiro Arctic ice is melting faster- Scientists Syria crisis: […]


What drug does tobacco contain Nicotine. What does talcum power consists of Magnesium silicate. The main consistent of gobar gas Methane. A gland known as the gland of emergency Adrenal gland. The largest flower in the world? Rafflesia The smallest bone in the human body? Stapes. The colouring substance present […]

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