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PSC Question Series 1-Junior Employement Officer-National Employement Services and L D C -Company/corporation/board

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Junior Employement Officer – National Employement Services and L D C -Company/corporation/board (special recruitment-sc/st):
Exam held on 28-06-2008 -Soved Paper

1. River Ob.Irtysh is in: Russia

2. Sumatra is situated in: Indian Ocean

3. Gobi desert is in: Mangolia

4. The number of nominated members in the Rajya Sabha: 12

5. How many times Financial Emergency Declared in India so far: Never

6. Portfolios to the Ministers in a State is allocated by: chief minister

7. A disease caused by bacteria: Tetanus

8. Which of the following disease is due to vitamin deficiency?

9. From earth,stratosphere extends: 40-80 kms

10.Kudambasree programme is: Community based oraganisatiion for the poor

11.The largest number of crimes against women in kerala were accounted for:
Cruelty by husband and relatives

12. The most industrially backward districts in Kerala:

Wayand and Idukki

13 The headquareters of World Trade Oraganisation(WTO): Geneva

14.U N security council consists of:permanent members and 10 non permenent members

15 The headquarters of International Atomic Energy agency: Veinna

16.Guatama Buddha preached his first sermon at: Saranath

17. Who was the congress president at the time of partition of Bengal in 1905?

Gopalakrishna Gokhale

18. Who enclouraged the Muslims to achive progress by studying modern education and science?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

19. River Danube is in:Europe

20. Equatorial diameter of earth:12754

21. Which of the following river joins Ganga?

22. Which of the following is an absolute monarchy with no formal constitution or parliament?

Saudi Arabia

23. The presedent of Asian Devolopment Bank(ADB)?

Haruhiko Koroda

24. Who convenes the joint session of lokshabah and rajya sabha?


25: Oxygen in normal atmosphere air: 21 percent

26: A substance above the critical temperature exists a : gas

27. The most fuel efficient,economic and environment friendly mode of transport:

Inland Navigation

28. The average rainfall that Kerala recives is:

29. The scheduled tribe population of Kerla as per 2001 census:

30. The chief Minister of Kerala during 1996-2001:E.K.Nayanar

31. The main port in UAE which is the largest harbor in West ASIA:Dubai

32. The headquarters of UNESCO is in : Paris

33 Who is L .N .Mittal ? : Steel Magnet

34. Who waged a war of destruction and plunder in India in the first quarter of 11the century?

Muhammed of Ghazni

35. Mosti Masjid in Agra and Jama Masjid at Delhi were built during the reign of:

36. Communist Party of India in Kanpur in : 1925

37.Which of the following tides occur around new moon and full moon ?

38.Which is called the red planet?: Mars

39.The spoil in the highest reaches of the Sahyadris and Eastern Ghats:Red soil

40:Which amendment of the constitutuion allowed government employees belonging to SC and ST to accelerated senoiity?

The seventy eigth amendmend (1995)

41:Which of the article of the constitution accords the special status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir?

Article 370

42. Which was the largest opposition party in the Lok Sabha after the eight general election held in Decmber 1984?

Telungu desam

43. Which schedule of the constitution lists 18 subjects,on which the municipalities have administrative control?

Shedule Twelve

44. Cooking gas is a mixture of: Butane and Propane

45. Which is the gas inside an electric bulb? :Nitrogen

46. The main active constituent of tea and coffe is:caffiene

47. Kerala womens’s commission was established in 1996: 48: The number of women cosnstuents and winners in local Bodies Election Kerala 2005 was:

Beyond the requirements of one-third of the total seats

49.Aizwal is the capital of: Meghalaya

50.The number of states in India(including Delhi) : 29

51.The smallest Union territory in India: Lakshadeep

52. ISRO on 23rd April 2007 sucessfully made the fist commercial launch through
PSLV –C8 of a foreign satellite at Sriharikota. It was: Italian Satelite

53. Eith member of SAARC: Afganisthan

54.The highesy policy making body of Asian Devolpment Bank(ADB):

Board of Governers

55. The second budhist council convened at: Vaisali

56. The expansion of Mughal empire under whom resembled an inflated baloon.


57. The largest of all Indus tributaries: Sutlej

58. Which is the largest river system in the peninsula? Godaveri

59. Devi Ahilya Award is for: Science and Technology

60. Minimum age for a person to be appointed as Governer: 35 years

61. Which of the following is not a part of solar system?

a.asteroids b) meteorids c)quasers .d)all the above.
answer : Quasers

62. What do we eat in a cocunut?

63. Which of the following is major wildlife sanctuary in kerala?
a)Silent valley b)Aralam c)Parambikulam


64. Out Of the total expendure on education in Kerala.the highest allocation is on:
ans: primary education

65. Hill staton Mount Abu is in:Rajestan

66.The country with more than 55,000 lakes:Finland

67. Max Muller was : a great idiologist,Linguist and Proffessor of Sanskrit

68:Fxian (Fah-hsien),the Chinese pilgrim,visited India during the reign of:Chandragupta 2nd.

69.Delhi Sultan notorious for crulelty: 70. Who established Swaraj Party within the Congress with Gndi’s reluctant blessing?
Motilal Nehru and C R DAS

71. Tourists always enjoy ______ the seting sun.: watching

72. It is possible to satisfy one’s _____ by doing some extra work.

73. If GOAL means object of the effort;then GAOL means:a prison

74. Choose the correct sentence.

a. He has finished his work yesterday
b. He have finished his work yesterday
c. He was finished hos work yesterday
d. He finished his work yesterday.

Answer:He finished his work yesterday

75. Add an intial letter to the word arrow to get the meaning to distress. 76. The closest meaning of the word mania is
a)greatness b)fame c)madness d)foolishnmess


77. Find the word that is opposite in meaning to the word illicit.
a) liberal b) intelligent c)religious d) lawful


78. Choose the correctly spelt word: a)Silhoute b) silhoutte c)Sillhpuette d) silhoute ans: silhoutte

79.Selct the owrd meaning shen.

Blue tinge
dazzling effect


80.Find the word correctly spelt.
a)Mustache b)moustash c) Mostache d)moustache


81.choose the correct preposition for the sentence. the forest department has planned trees________ the side of the highway.


82.He is an authority of linguistics
a)on b) of c) with d) from

ans: on

83.You must shut these door’s.Change into passive.

a) 84.Change into indirect speech. She exclaimed that she had taken it with her to her home.

85.They come here everyday-?

86. I hoped I ——-suceed. I escaped by the skin of my—– I must put —my visit till next week.

Choose the correctly spelt word. Amy and her brother Tom are known for their tall talk.The idiom means: The idiom a brain wave means: The offer holds good for two days:holds good means:

93.The pharase bag and baggage means:

94.Recently he has been giving himself airs: giving himself airs means:
behaving arrogantly

95.______is an illusion usually associated with desearts.-


96: To be ———– I think you did not do the right thing.

97.Being awarded an Oscar marked a – —-in her life.

98.Good restuarents serving pure vegetarian food are vey hard to____

come by

99.If you want to save money,you must –the shopping you do.

cut down on

100.Having been born in a good family she is ___ rich to beg

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    There is a serious mistake,in the answer of Q.No.49 – Aizwal is the Capital of Meghalaya.But the Correct Answer is Mizoram.Meghalaya’s Capital is Shillong.

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      thanks sreeja . you are correct .will rectify the mistake and take necessary action to avoid such mistakes in future.
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