How to prepare General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

While preparing for competitive exams like UPSC Exam, GMAT and so on most aspirants are well aware of the fact that the section of general knowledge fetches them the greatest share of marks. Hence they have to strategize their preparation in such a way that they would not be able to spare even one single question. Here are some strategies which would help the aspirants to do well in the section of general knowledge:

1. Read Quality Newspapers
While preparing for exams in particular, standard or quality newspapers would contain news articles structured in a decent manner enough to increase the general awareness of students on practically any topic ranging from current affairs to international politics. Language would not be a barrier in referring these papers with the only exception that quality has to be ensured. Standard newspapers include the Hindu, Economic Times and Business Standard.

2. Watch reliable news channels
Aspirants would be aware that it would not be feasible to view each and every news channel owing to the constraint of time and regarding the credibility of news as there are plenty of programs those sounds trivial as far as exam preparation is concerned. Time should be allotted for watching important TV shows or News programs that have national importance and connected to the exam syllabus. Examples of reliable news channels include NDTV, ET Now and Lok Sabha TV.

3. Make Notes of Important Topics
It would be ideal if students are able to make notes of different topics that challenge their thought process while studying them from the perspective of a competitive exam as these notes would come handy mainly before the exam for quick glance. Making notes would help in memory retention of topics like current affairs that are important.

4. Browse the Internet
Using the internet, aspirants could search about topics like flora and fauna on various sites like Wikipedia, Youtube and Britannica that are the treasure house of knowledge as detailed explanation of every topic with further details on every aspect connected with the same could be accessed swiftly through these sites by hyperlinks

5. Read Standard Textbooks
There are plenty of textbooks available in the market which is written by authors from different backgrounds. However, students are cautioned on not to refer text that are irrelevant as time would be wasted to a great extent. Aspirants should refer standard texts like NCERT Books as they cover the exam syllabus in a holistic manner.

6. Take part in Debates

Students preparing for exams based on competition should be ready to engage themselves on debates of different kinds as it would help them to develop their character based on their knowledge, communication skills and skill sets to quote a few. The knowledge base of students would be expanded by involving the students in this process .

The points mentioned above would provide an aspirant a clear idea on how to avoid prepare ideally for a competitive exam.Finally, the discussion would have also help them to avoid the pitfalls that students might ignore unintentionally in the meanwhile.

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