How to apply for a New IPO Via SBI INTERNET BANKING

Apply for the New IPO

Please note this application form is meant only for eligible ASBA bidder(s) as per the applicable provisions of the SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirement)Regulation, 2009, to apply within price band and with the right to Modify/Delete the Bids. Investor must have, with any of our branch, a Savings or Current account with clear credit balance in the account, and the application must be made by marking a lien on this account.

ASBA facility is only available against clear credit balance in your account.You can apply for IPO only if the amount applied for is less than or equal to the ( (Book Balance + MOD Balance) – (Uncleared Balance + Hold or Lien Marked Amount) ) in your account.

Please note that the sequence of names will be taken as per the sequence of names held with the DP. PAN should also match with First beneficiary name in the DP. It is in the of investor to verify that the correct details of PAN, DP and beneficiary account are given. In case of insufficient balance in the deposit account the application will be rejected by Bank itself. Further, if the information furnished by the applicant is incorrect, the Bid is liable to be rejected and the Company and Bank would not be liable for losses, if any. An investor can apply only up to 5 applications per IPO from a single account.The Amount blocked will be the highest amount of bid options.(No of equity Shares for multiplied by price per share/cut off price, as the case may be).

Please proceed if you are eligible to apply

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