Great Personalities-Personality of the week-ANNA HAZARE


Gandhian Anna Hazare started anti corruption movement to eradicate corruption from India. After few days central government accepted his recommendations and decided to form a committee to make Lokpal Bill. Anna Hazare have been fighting against corruption for the last 25 years. He got massive support from the people and media to fight over corruption. Social crusader Anna Hazare said, he plans to travel across the country and use SMSs to discuss the Lokpal Bill with people, after his resounding victory on the demand for a tougher anti-graft legislation.

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4 thoughts on “Great Personalities-Personality of the week-ANNA HAZARE

  1. thank u very much anna sir…..u r my inspiration.recetly in my hostel i raise voice for a injustice is happen since 4 years.thanks for ur indirect support.

  2. sir, you are helping india to be free of corruption and black money .you are doing great for us thank you sir and a many many happy returns of the day sir

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