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Gk Question Series Part 4

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1.	Which of the following parts of the poppy plant is used
for the extraction of opium ?
	(a)	Capsules
	(b)	Flowers
	(c)	Leaves
	(d)	Roots
	Ans:	( b )	Flowers

2.	Who is the Chairman of the Twelfth Finance Commission ?
	(a)	C. Rangarajan
	(b)	N. N. Vohra
	(c)	Bimal Jalan
	(d)	Vijay Kelkar
	Ans:	( a )	C. Rangarajan

3.	The first feature film (talkie) produced in India was
	(a)	Hatimtai
	(b)	Alamm Ara
	(c)	Pundalik
	(d)	Raja Harishchandra
	Ans:	( b )	Alamm Ara

4.	During the Indian freedom struggle, ?The Deccan
Educational Society? was founded by
	(a)	B.G. Tilak
	(b)	Dadabhai Naoroji
	(c)	G.K. Gokhale
	(d)	M.G. Ranade
	Ans:	( d )	M.G. Ranade

5.	A ?black hole? is a body in space which does not allow
any radiation to come out.   This property is due to its
	(a)	Very small size
	(b)	Very large size
	(c)	Very high density
	(d)	Very low density
	Ans:	( c )	Very high density

6.	The ?Chilka Lake region? lies in between the deltas of
	(a)	Ganga and Mahanadi
	(b)	Godavari and Krishna
	(c)	Mahanadi and Godavari
	(d)	Krishna and Kaveri
	Ans:	( c )	Mahanadi and Godavari

7.	The 44th Amendment of the Indian Constitution withdrew
the Fundamental Right
	(a)	To freedom of religion
	(b)	To constitutional remedies
	(c)	To property
	(d)	Against exploitation
	Ans:	( c )	To property

8.	The Legislative Council of a State in India can be
abolished or created by
	(a)	The President of India in consultation with the Council
of Ministers of the State concerned
	(b)	The Legislative Assembly of the State concerned
	(c)	The Parliament at a joint sitting of both the Houses
	(d)	The Parliament, provided the State Legislative Assembly
passes a resolution to that effect
	Ans:	( d )	The Parliament, provided the State Legislative
Assembly passes 	a resolution to that effect

9.	At which stage in its life cycle does the silk work
yield the fibre of commerce ?
	(a)	Egg
	(b)	Larva
	(c)	Pupa
	(d)	Imago
	Ans:	( c )	Pupa

10.	Persons below the poverty line in India are classified
as such based on whether
	(a)	They are entitled to a minimum prescribed food basket
	(b)	They get work for a prescribed minimum number of days
in a year
	(c)	They belong to agricultural labourer household and the
scheduled caste /tribe social group
	(d)	Their daily wages fall below the prescribed minimum wages
	Ans:	( a )	They are entitled to a minimum prescribed food

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