GeneralKnowledge For Exams

1. Organization related to South Asia Nations – SAARC.

2. Largest Exporter of Cotton – US.

3. Author of the book “Listening to Grasshoppers “ – Arundathi Roy.

4. CRY foundation is working for – Disadvantaged of Children Welfare.

5. Which country having the largest gold reserves –USA.

6. Copenhagen is in which country – Denmark.

7. Wealthiest country in Asia – Japan

8. Fullform of GM – Genetically modified.

9. Dubai Currency – Dirham

10. Book by Vikram Seth – The Golden Gate

11. EVM – Electronic Voting Machine.

12. Earth Day is observes on – April 22nd.

13. Invisible book is written by – Paul Auster.

14. K-G gas from- Krishna Godavari basin.

15. Between the assassination is the book written by – Arvind Adiga.

16. C. Srither, Ratan Singh and Isiah R Sanam relate to the game – Archerya

17. Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission aims to generate power – bijali sab ke liye

18. Voting compulsory in elections to all the local bodies in – Gujarat.

19. European Footballer Award for the year 2009 – Lionel Messi

20. Rawatbhata is in – Rajasthan

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