General Knowledge Questions And Answer Series 2

Theosophical Society is associated with

Ans : Annie Besant

Which is the first state in India has been formed on purely linguistic basis?

Ans : Andra Pradesh

The famous Thirumala Thirupathi Venkateswara Temple is in which district?

Ans : Chittoor

Which is known as twin cities?

Ans : Hyderabad and Secunderabad

Which state is known as the ‘Orchid Paradise of India?

Ans : Arunachal Pradesh

Which place in Assam is said to be the meeting place of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam?

Ans : Hajo

Lord Mahavira breathed his last at

Ans : Pavapuri

Goa become the 25th state of the Indian union on

Ans : 30th May 1987

The ancestral home of Mahendra Chaudhari, the Indian origin former prime minister of Fiji who was overthrown in a military coup is from

Ans : Haryana

Jammu & Kashmir was acceded to India on

Ans : 26th October 1947

Sea of Tranquility’ and ‘Ocean of Storms’ are in

Ans : Moon

The alliance of non-communist parties against congress in the 1972 elections were known as

Ans : Grand Alliance

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