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Exam Preperation Time-Solved Papers from PSC Exams

Secretariat Assistant / General Knowledge / Exam held on 05-06-2004  -Kerala PSC

Time: 75 min  Max : 100 Mark

Questions 1 to 5 : Choose synonymous word

1. To surprise somebody greatly:

A. Apprise               B. Antonyms              C. Astonish          D. Reveal

2.To make something more important that it realy:

A. Excess                B. Elaborate              C. Strees upon    D. Exaggerate

3.Express one opinion without evidence or full knowledge:

A. Specify                B. Speculate              C. Concede         D. Sensing

4. An event that will happen soon:

A. Imminent             B. Damnsure              C. Immense        D. Immutable

5.To lead somebody to do something:

A. Persuade            B. Placate                 C. Persecute       D. Perpend

Questions 6 to 10 : Four words are given in each .There of them can be grouped  together applying  a principle. One word does not belong  to the group. Find it out.

6. A .Violet              B. Blue                         C. Magenda          D. Green

7. A. Cucumber      B. Carrot                       C. Brinjal              D. Ladies finger

8 .A. Yaswanth Sinha                                    B. Jaswant Singh

C. Shatrugnan Sinha                                 D. Manmohan Singh

9. A. Cancel            B. Nullify                      C. Void                  D. Confirm

10. A.G. Sanakarakuruppu                          B. O.N.V Kuruppu

C. S.K Pottekkadu                                 D. Thakazhi Sivasankarapillai

Questions 11 to 13 : Three words are given. There is a relationship between the first two words. Select a word that expresses a similar relationship with the third word from the given alternatives.

11. Panther Panjali : Sathyajith Ray ; Athithi:

A. K.P Kumaran                                             B. M.T Vasudevan Nair

C. T.V Chandran                                            D. P.A Backer

12. Pareekkuty :  Madhu ; Chemban Kunju:

A. P.J Antony                                                 B. Jose Prakash

B. Govindankutty                                           D. Kottarakara Sreedharan Nair

13. Bangladesh : Dhaka ; Austria :

A. Canberra                     B. Lapaz               C. Santiago                D. Vienna

Questions 14 to 20 : Choose collect answer from the alternative to fill the blank space :

14. A,E,J,-,-

A. M,Q                             B. S,X                    C.T,Y                         D.U,Z

15. ADH, BEL, CFJ,

A. DGL                            B. DHK                  C.EHL                        D. FIM

16. Veluthampi Dalawa – a brave fight against British Army.

A. Put up                          B. Put off               C. Put in                    D. Put down

17. The train was coming, the supervisor —-  the workers to stop working on rail.

A. Called off                     B. Called in            C. Called away         D. Called out

18.It —- rain this evening.

A. Can                               B. May                     C. Could                    D. Is

19. —–The suspected cause for earthquakes is the construction of dams.

A. Most of                        B. Only                       C. One of                 D. None of these.

20. There were —- telephone booths around, so that the old one is closed.

A. few                               B. a little                     C. a few                   D. little

ANSWERS With Explanations

1. C. Astonish                        2. B. Exaggerate

3. B. Speculate                      4. A. Imminent

5.  A. Persuade

6. C. Magenda.  All others colours present in rainbow.

7. B. Carrot. It is a root vegetable.

8. C. Shatrugnan Sinha.  All others were Finance Minister of India D. Manmohan singh also can be the answers. as others were only union ministers while Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister.

9. D. Confirm

10. B. O.N.V Kuruppu (G. Sanakarakuruppu,S.K Pottekkadu and Thakazhi Sivasankarapillaiall the recipients of Jnanpith award).

11. A. K.P Kumaran

12. D. Kottarakara Sreedharan Nair

P.J Antony First Keralite get Bharat award

13. D. Vienna ( Canberra- Capital of Austalia, Santiago- Capital of Chile)

14. C. T, Y

[A]       B         C         D         [E]       F          G         H         I           [J]        K         L    M

N         [O]       P         Q         R         S         [T]        U         V         W        X         [Y]   Z

[E] 5th Position           [J] 10th position          [O] 15th position

[T] 20th position         [Y] 25th position

15. C. and  D. are correct

A + 3 = D,       D + 4 = H

B + 3 = E,       E + 4 = I

C + 3 = F,       F + 4 = J

E + 3 = H,       H + 4 = L

FIM also comes in the same manner.

16. A. Put up                          17. D. Called out

18. B. May                              19. C. One of the

20. A. a few

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