Biology Quiz-10 Facts about Human body

about the parts of  human body.

1. The gland which is in the shape of a pistol is:


2. Calcium requirement for the adult humans:

1200 mg daily

3. The test used to know the color blindness is:


4. Man can see with his two eyes:

Maximum angle of 108 degrees. But, the rat can see with its two eyes, the width of 162 degrees.

5. Vitamin “P” is:

Niacin (one of the vitamin B-complex group)

6. Vitamin “M”:

Folic acid

7. Vitamin “K”:

The letter “K” is taken from the word Koagulations or Coagulation.

8. Vitamin B12:

One of the B-complex group and our body can synthesize it in the intestine itself and it is the only vitamin containing a metal –Cynocobalamine.

9. Bile juice:

Around one liter of bile is produced in the liver.

10. Heart beats:

Human heart beats more than one lakh (0.1million) times in a day.

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  1. Nice one, though the word vitamin k originated from Koagulations which is wrongly spelled in the above post.

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