Animals,Birds and Symbols

Which bird is the international symbol of happiness?


Which bird is the international symbol of peace?


Which animal is the emblem of the USA.’s Republican Party?

The Elephant.

Birds – Flying birds are a sign of prosperity, a feeling of freedom, or a burden being lifted.

Butterflies – Related to beauty and grace. Butterflies indicate prosperity and wealth.

Cats– Associated with an independent spirit, female sexuality, creativity, and power, cats can also represent misfortune and bad luck. The cat could indicate that someone is being deceitful or treacherous.

Attacking Cats- Represents one’s enemies; if the dreamer succeeds in dispelling them, he will overcome great obstacles and earn fortune and fame.

– A Cat with No Tail- Signifies a loss of free will.
– A White Cat- Denotes difficult times ahead.

Coyote – Know as a trickster, rogue and thief, he means disappointment or serious disaster ahead.

Crow – Seeing a crow means major disappointments. Grief and misfortune loom ahead.

Dolphins – Symbolizes spiritual guidance, intellect, mental agility and emotional trust. Dolphins represent a willingness and ability to explore new emotions.

Riding a Dolphin– Represents one’s optimism and giving nature.

Doves – Symbolizes peace, tranquility, harmony, affection and innocence.

White Dove– Represents loyalty, love, simplicity, gentleness and friendships. It may also signify a message and blessing from the Holy Spirit.

Eagle -Associated with far-sighted vision and power they symbolize the realization of ambitions and the fulfilling of desires.

Elephant – Associated with wisdom, memory and the power of persistence.

Riding an Elephant– Indicates control of the unconscious and overcoming fears.

Frog – Folk tales say that dreaming of a frog means good fortune, happiness and friendships.

Modern dream interpretation regards the frog as a symbol of transformation; therefore a frog in your dreams, represents a potential to change or something new and unexpected coming.

If a Man Dreams of a Toad- Represents their feminine- motherly aspect which protects and warns us against danger.

Leaping Frogs- Indicates a lack of commitment. It may also suggest a need to take some major steps towards a desired goal.

Catching a Frog- Signifies carelessness concerning one’s health.
Hearing a Frog Indicates incomplete tasks.

Horses – Symbolize strength, power, endurance, and virility.

– Black or Dark Horse- Signifies mystery, wildness, and the unknown.
White Horse– Signifies purity, prosperity and good fortune.

Insects – Denotes financial gain or a mystery solved.

Lamb – Lambs represent innocence purity and vulnerability. In dreams they symbolize deception.

– Holding a Lamb-Signifies some sacrifice.

Lion – Associated with nobility, strength and pride. Success will depend upon coping with opposition. Also represents the strength of a valuable friendship.

– Attacked by a Lion- Indicates obstacles to overcome.

Owl – Symbolizes wisdom, insight and virtue. The owl is also synonymous with death and darkness.

-The Hoot of an Owl- Denotes disappointments and forewarns death in the wake of joy and health.
A Dead Owl- Signifies a narrow escape from illness and death. Warns of the approach of a deceitful person.

Peacock – Can represent spring, birth, new growth, longevity, and love. It is a good omen, signaling prestige, success and contentment in relationships and careers. Alternatively, the peacock signifies pride, confidence and vanity. The want to be admired that ends only in disappointment.

Pig – Usually denotes good fortune and success coming one’s way because pigs are thought to be greedy but smart.

Raven – Disaster and unhappiness to come. Injuries caused through deceit.

Reptile – Gossip and hidden enemies. The need to be cautious in business affairs.

Snake – The snake may refer to a someone near being callous, ruthless, and untrustworthy. As a positive symbol, snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes.

– A Snake Ready to Strike- Means treachery where least expected; killing it means victory over enemies.
– To be Bitten By a Snake- Signifies hidden fears and worries.

Spider – Denotes a need to be cautious in current endeavors in order to earn fortune. Domestic Happiness.

Swans – Seeing swans, signifies a prosperous outlook and wonderful experiences. They also symbolize good health and a mystery revealed.

Turtle – Symbolizes wisdom, faithfulness, longevity, and loyalty. Opportunity for advancement. Alternatively, beware of secret enemies.

– Being Chased by a Turtle- Indicates that the dreamer is hiding behind a facade.


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