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Published On: Sun, Jul 1st, 2012

The climate of India or India’s climate !

The climate of India may be broadly described as tropical monsoon type.

 There are four seasons: (i) Winter (January-February); (ii) Hot weather summer (March-May); (iii) Rainy south-western monsoon (June-September) and (iv) Post-monsoon, also known as north-east monsoon in the southern Peninsula (October-December).

India’s climate is affected by two seasonal winds — the north-east monsoon and the south-west monsoon. The north-east monsoon commonly known as winter monsoon blows from land to sea whereas south-west monsoon known as summer monsoon blows from sea to land after crossing the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The south-west monsoon brings most of the rainfall during the year in the country.

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