Buddhism-The four Noble truths of Buddhism

The four Noble truths are 1. The world is full of sorrow 2. Desire is the cause of sorrow 3. If desire is conquered all sorrow is won over 4. Desire can be conquered by following eight fold paths (Ashtangirka Marg) The Eight Fold Path is as follows: Samyak Drist : Right Understanding Samyak Sankalpa: Right Thought Samyak Vani: Right Speech Samyak More...

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Religions and founders

Jainism is associated with Ans : Vardhamana Mahavira Daoism is associated with Ans : Laozi Babism is associated with Ans : Mirza Ali Muhammad (The Bab) Confucianism is associated with Ans : Confucius Sikhism is More...