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Published On: Wed, Oct 28th, 2015

The era in which phones became more than just phones

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It used to be that a mobile phone was exactly that: a device that you can carry on your person that would allow you to make and receive phone calls on the go. But if you were to explain this concept to a teenager today, it’s likely that they would reply with a quizzical face and a sense of disappointment that we would accept such limitations.

Today’s mobile phones are computers first and foremost, with the added benefit of allowing us to speak to our friends and families. Calculators, sat-navs, alarm clocks, diaries and cameras are just some of the devices that are in danger of becoming obsolete as mobile phones have become our go-to solutions for a whole range of problems.

With most mobile phones already boasting a very decent calculator function these days, the serious mathematician can now boost their arithmetic abilities by downloading a host of apps to make even the most challenging equations a doddle. Among the best on the market include ‘Calcu’, which although not being the most sophisticated device, will be more than sufficient to get you through high school maths class, and the ‘Handyman Calculator’ app, which lets you calculate square and cubic areas, as well as volumes – ideal for people working in a trade who may need to work out the amount of raw materials required for a particular job.

We are all well aware of the usefulness of apps such as ‘Google Maps’ and ‘Here’, both of which can find your location via satellite and advise you on the best route to take to get to a specific location – but another less well-known (but equally good) version is ‘Telenav Scout’. This app is completely free for your first country, takes into account factors such as traffic and accidents, and also works in conjunction with TripAdvisor so you will always know not only the best routes, but also the best destinations.

But it’s not all work and no play, and for the committed gamer, these days you can transform your mobile phone into a fully-interactive casino with a single click of your finger. Apps such as those offered by Coral casino can make this dream come true, allowing you to gamble for real money wherever you are in the world, paying in and cashing out from your bank account with ease and security, allowing you to play a wide range of popular games including roulette, poker and slots machines.

Popular search engines too have a place on our modern smart phones, with the option to “Google” the legitimacy of a mad claim from a friend now putting to bed the age-old tradition of three-hour pub-based debates, a recent survey suggested that 40% of Britons could do without a ‘call’ function on their phones, such is the range of extra uses that they now serve.

So with so many other uses today for our mobiles, it is perhaps not surprising that today’s youth see their original purpose as being outdated. That same survey suggested that calls were actually the sixth most likely reason for us to bring our phones out to play, with texts, emails, alarms and surfing the internet all ranking as higher priorities for today’s user – and with this trend set to continue, it’s a great time to be investing in market-leading apps.

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