What causes high data usage

Let’s take a look at how to curb unnecessary data usage.

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Video Streaming Apps / Sites:
Streaming of videos, especially with high resolution will cause high data usage. The higher the quality of video, higher will be the data consumption. Read ‘Manage data used for video streaming’ in Helpful tips to learn how to set preferred video resolution and control data usage

Video streaming on Facebook
When you are watching livestreams on Facebook for long duration, data consumption is higher. Facebook videos which auto play while scrolling through the timeline also contribute to data usage

Video downloads on WhatsApp
Multiple video downloads on WhatsApp consume high amount of data usage. If your WhatsApp setting allows auto-download of videos, this could consume even higher data.
Tip: Open WhatsApp and click on Settings (Top Right hand corner). Select Data Usage option and choose the type of content for auto-download.

Cloud / Online Backup
Applications such as Dropbox, Google Photos, Google Drive, iCloud allow automatic schedules for backing up and syncing your data such as photos, videos and music to cloud. Recheck the settings to ensure only critical information is updated, as this could quickly use your data quota.

Tethering / Wi-Fi hotspot
A. When you make your mobile a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect other devices, the amount of data used completely depends on the type of content accessed by those consumption devices.
Tip: Ensure you have a complex Wi-Fi password to prevent unauthorised access. B. When you make your device a Wi-Fi hotspot & the other connected devices connect to your device over Wi-Fi; the Wi-Fi related Auto update setting comes into effect in the connected devices. Most devices have settings which enable auto update of Apps & perform online backup whenever connected to Wi-Fi.
Tip: Change settings which allow ‘auto update on Wi-Fi’ on connected devices and choose to update only when needed.

App updates
heck your Mobile Playstore / Appstore settings. If “Auto-Update Apps” option is enabled on Mobile data, the apps get updated automatically whenever there is a new version available. Certain Apps consume as high as 150MB for updates.

In Android, go to Playstore, Settings and set Auto update preference.
In Apple devices, go to Settings, iTunes & App stores to set auto download preference.
Tip: Set option as ‘Do not Auto-update Apps’, so that you update Apps Manually as per your need

  1. System updates
    Android or iOS device software updates consume high data consumption. It is recommend to perform these updates when you have sufficient data balance
  2. Audio Streaming
    While Data used through audio streaming is much lower than video streaming, regular audio streaming on Apps such as JioSaavn, Gaana, Hungama, etc for longer duration will consume high data

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